Friday, February 26, 2010

J.D. Hayworth on Bill O'Reilly


bourque801 said...

Hi I commented on your opinion that the Palin team(Sarah & Todd)should fire Rebecca Mansour(which I disagreed with.), If the comment didn't get through, I will try again later.

Again, thank you for putting up this blog, I am a long-time viewer of this blog, and C4P so I admire both of your sites...I hope this comment gets through.

Tom said...

Not sure what happened with your comments but I have my reasons because of one contact that RAM made with me and what I know she did to another fellow blogger in Alaksa.

I will say that Palin would be wise to drop her and that is based on what I know and have seen.

There was a very good reason why I pulled C4P from my site.

bourque801 said...

Hello, Mr Lamb, that is a very serious charge against Ms Mansour, I believe that you need to back up your opinion with anything that you might have. In my opinion, if Ms Mansour was let go by the Palin team(Sarah & Todd) It would be very damaging, because Rebecca is a excellent writer In my opinion.

I started to be a regular viewer to C4P & your site in Jan 2009, and thanks to both of your sites, I have realized that both parties are corrupt beyond repair.

I(right now) am leaning between thinking that either Palin is running for 2012, or Palin is just cashing out & making as much money as possible. I(right now) am leaning 70-30 that the Palin's are making as much money as possible. with what they have been through, I don't blame them. I hope I'm wrong; Anyway here is an interesting link:

I don't know how to use HTML tags, but if you type out this link, you will find an interesting article.

I also think that the Powers that be picked Palin to either get rid of her, or they bought her & Todd off to make sure that no oil gets discovered.

Whoever the Republican candidate for President is that person, must look at:
1. Auditing, or ending The Federal reserve
2. Opening up ANWR in Alaska

3. Opening up the Bakken oil shale in South & North Dakota

Hopefully, Palin will be speaking on these three things if she is running....
thank you for allowing me to put up this response, and for this blogsite.

If you want, you can respond to me at my e-mail address. if you don't want to respond on this site.

bourque801 said...

I know Shannyn Moore was talking about RAM, and C4P, but I wasn't able to catch, when she was talking about C4P, because I had work come up. I usually am dismissive of a liberal, but this is the 1st time a conservative has been talking about RAM & C4P in a negative way. I am eager for your opinion. Thank you for putting up this blog.

Tom said...

You point to ANWR is an issue that McCain has stood against.

As for RAM it is my opinion and I have my reasons.

I have not said much about the issue but as stated before Palin would be wise to get people who are more in tune with McCain's history.

And it starts back in 1998 and Kosovo - Soros - KLA.

McCain is not a guy you want to be with nor endorse.

I publicly warned Palin she should stay away from McCain before she was picked. She didn't and she continues to endorse the guy.

That is a problem and it shows that one, she has poor advsiors and she has poor instincts when it comes to knowing who to trust.

Moore has some knowledge about C4P but she doesn't know the blogger I am talking about.

オテモヤン said...
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