Monday, February 22, 2010

McCain is Feeling the Heat

McCain: I was misled on bailout

Hmmmmm, interesting way he puts this:

McCain said Bush called him in off the campaign trail, saying a worldwide economic catastrophe was imminent and that he needed his help. "I don't know of any American, when the president of the United States calls you and tells you something like that, who wouldn't respond," McCain said. "And I came back and tried to sit down and work with Republicans and say, 'What can we do?' "

(emphasis added)

Sounds like a blame Bush moment..


Patrick S. Adams said...

Hey c'mon Tom. Let's some some Romney bashing over here. You were so good at bashing Palin for endorsing McCain. Stick a fork in her? Stick a fork in who now? Who's your website going to endorse now, Ron Paul?

I've been reading this site since after the 2008 election. It seems you were for Palin before you were against her. I like the site. Don't get me wrong, but it's been getting a little "kwazier" than normal over here as of late.

Oh well, keep fighting for the cause.

Tom said...

I saw that so it goes without saying, both are wrong...

But you might want to read here:

Rommey has McCain aides working his angle..

Palin needs to get the hell out of the McCain Hayworth race.