Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sarah Palin's Snow Job: Senator McCain

I have to hand it to Sarah Palin, when she steps in it, she steps in it.

Nevermind that Senator McCain is a liar and con-artist and she endorsed him, but when you write comments like Sarah Palin did on her Facebook about Obama, you have to question who's "Snow Job" is she writing about.

In her Facebook, Sarah Palin writes:

What’s more, while the White House now touts the building of new nuclear power plants, its budget inexplicably calls for cutting funding to the proposed nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. A real nuclear energy plan requires a strategy for dealing with nuclear waste storage and recycling.

(emphasis added)

However, when you look at Senator McCain you find this:

Arizona Republican John McCain said today that he will promote amendments to a Senate energy bill that would abandon the Yucca Mountain, Nev., nuclear waste dump and refund about $16 billion in waste fees to electricity ratepayers.

Congress should "move on to other options" for high-level nuclear waste disposal, since the Obama administration has made it clear Yucca Mountain is no longer a viable option, McCain said as the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee began marking up the first provisions of a comprehensive energy bill.

McCain said he disagreed with the administration's choice to rule out Yucca Mountain, but since nuclear power is "vital" for U.S. energy needs, the nation must consider other options. McCain said his amendments would shutter Yucca Mountain and repay fees paid by electricity customers for building a repository. He said other nuclear amendments would address fuel reprocessing.

When Sarah Palin states next time McCain is fighting against Obama, I will ask is that snow I see?

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