Monday, March 01, 2010

Bad Poll Numbers for Palin


A majority of Alaskans want the GOP's 2008 vice presidential nominee to stay involved in politics, though there's some disagreement as to how, the Dittman Research Group's Alaska Poll found. Of the 53% who think Palin has a political future, 17% said they want her to run for president. Another 36% said she should not run for president, but help other candidates. (Palin will be doing just that March 26and 27, when she's scheduled to campaign in Arizona for the re-election of Sen. John McCain, her Republican presidential running mate.)

On the other end of the spectrum, 43% of Alaskans responding to the poll said they think Palin should "stay out of politics."

These numbers are not good for Palin...She's screwing up with her endorsements and there is too much saturation with her in the public eye.

People are getting tired of seeing Sarah...


Patrick S. Adams said...

Find out how many people are tired of seeing Sarah tomorrow night on Jay Leno.

Tom, why the Sarah bashing? You negated all the good work you did nailing the Alaska bloggers in previous posts.

Am I "Kwazy" for reading this site? I'm lost.

Tom said...

Patrick this is the reality.

To put ones head in the sand and ignore the reality is crazy.

She has to adjust or she isn't going to make it.

Her numbers are lousy and she hasn't learned.

Frank said...

It's probably due to the fact that she isn't becoming the policy ordinated person that she needs to be if she plans on being a credible 2012 presidential candidate.

It has nothing to do with endorsements but rather the fact her interview appearances are mediocre at best. She isn't doing any work to fix those gaps so she isn't going anywhere.

Tell me that I am wrong Tom!

Tom said...

People are gauging her by who she endorses - The recent fall in her poll numbers are directly related to her endorsements - on policy she hit dead on with the healthcare debate and I would argue that she and her writer are doing a good job on that - on taxes; her policy is good but the reality in Alaska is a different story - on the war in Afghanistan she is mainstream GOP so arguably there is no issue there - Her interview with Fox and the group have been on par with others but her appearance is not going over well - a new look is needed that conveys power - not just good looks which may appeal to the base but it won't to those who will push Palin into a win in the primary.