Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Obama's Waterloo: Who Will Blink?

Blink - It's more like shutting ones eyes to what Iran is doing...

Do not strike" is what the Americans are telling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "Let's first try sanctions on Iran."

"Do not strike" is what Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is saying to Netanyahu. "If you go crazy and go to war, it will be the end of the Zionist regime."

Netanyahu managed to convince the world that Israel is on the verge of a preemptive war to try to foil Iran's nuclear program. His speeches on a second Holocaust and Amalek, the acceleration of military preparations, the exercises on the Home Front, the distribution of gas masks and even the stockpiling of dollars by the Bank of Israel all suggest that Israel is preparing to strike Iran, as it did when it attacked the nuclear plants in Iraq and Syria.

Meanwhile as I said months ago, Americans intinctively know that force will have to be used against Iran.

The McChrsytal Doctrine: Paving the Road to Hell in Afghanistan

The focus is misplaced on Afghanistan when it should be placed on stopping Iran.

When you look at the rhetoric and how nations are dealing with Iran, a similar pattern is setting up on how Germany was handled.

If we adopt McChrystal's plan in Afghanistan, Iran will grow in power to where they have full nuclear capabilities.

If you look at the polls, the American people know instinctively, Iran is the threat that needs to be dealt with. Because if Iran falls, then so do the Taliban and the Al Qaeda.

This is an issue that I stood firmly on and it was one that Palin should have taken when interviewed by O'Reilly.

In a newly released Fox poll, over 60% of Americans feel sanctions will not work...

A Fox News poll released Tuesday finds that 60 percent of voters think force will be required to stop Iran, while 25 percent think diplomacy and sanctions alone will work.

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