Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jason Cline on Ballot Measure 1


ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A ballot initiative slated for the August primary is provoking debate across the state. The Stop the Gag Law Coalition kicked off its campaign Saturday afternoon against Ballot Measure 1, or the Alaska Anti-Corruption Act.

About 100 people gathered outside Anchorage's Loussac Library, joining other protesters in Juneau and Fairbanks to speak out against the Anti-Corruption Act. Two sections of the act are in the spotlight: the first bars public entities from lobbying for more public funds, and the second prohibits anyone who's entered a no-bid state or city contract of more than $500 from making campaign contributions.

Signs were held high, posters swayed back and forth, and protesters said they feared that their freedom of speech will be stripped away.

"People who work in an organization that receives any type of state and local funding will not be able to support candidates, they won't be able to talk to legislators or Assembly members about issues," said AARP advocacy director Patrick Luby.

I have been tlaking with Jason about this ballot measure in preparing to write a commentary about it.

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