Monday, September 20, 2010

Murkowski Launches First Write-in Ad: Are Murkowski Supporters Poor Spellers?

I knew it - all of the talk from the Left in Alaska on Tea Party people didn't know how to spell; that was just a ruse by the Left to make you think the Tea Party was made of illiterates who are dumb as a bock of rocks - or something to that effect.

Well Lisa Murkowski has launched her first write-in ad and if I didn't know better, I'd say Sprocketheads and Andrew Halcro had their hands in this one.

While this ad may seem clever, what this ad really does is, it points to how absurd a write-in campaign is.

And then you have to ask how much will this write-in effort cost the State of Alaska and how the write-in votes will be tallied.

Because you have to look to see if Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse is beating Lisa Murkowski. And that is something Lisa Murkowski has to be concerned with.

Editor's note: I called the Alaska Division of Elections to see how they planned on counting the write-in ballots - they did not have an answer.

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