Monday, July 11, 2011

What Do The Somos Republicans and Jon Stewart Have in Common? Alligators and 3 Page Bills

A huge group of Iowans showed up at Herman Cain's opening his HQ in Davenport Iowa (try finding a story on it) today:

Meanwhile, the Iowa Independent posted a story on a special interest group getting upset about a comment Herman Cain made about the Wall of China, electric fences and moats filled with

Behold the special interest group’s tweets:

I liked the one that stated “Herman Cain Faces Backlash Over Alligator-Filled Moat Border Security Solution” via the @huffingtonpost .

Now you would think that by now, people like Jon Stewart would get Herman Cain’s appeal and his ability to get under-the-skin of the Left and quite frankly, special interest groups who have an agenda.

Here you have so-called conservative Republicans calling out Herman Cain for a dig Herman Cain made at Obama for Obama using a metaphor on moats and alligators to diminish the seriousness of our border security along the U.S. Mexican border.

So what is okay for Obama is not okay for Herman Cain? Did the Somos Republican group attack Obama for that?

What the Somos Republican group did do is join with the N.A.A.C.P on blasting the Arizona Law on immigration.

In Arizona, many Hispanic voters have socially conservative values that put them squarely in the Republican camp. But the state’s controversial new immigration law now has them at odds with their party. Host Michel Martin speaks with DeeDee Blase, founder of Somos Republicans, an organization of Hispanic Republicans in Arizona, who supports securing the U.S.-Mexico border and overhauling the country’s immigration system. Also joining the program is Wilbert Nelson, president of the Arizona State Conference of the NAACP.

Many times special interest groups don’t represent the majority in a group they claim to represent.

However, Frank Luntz has the proof when it comes to Herman Cain’s policy on immigration and how people feel about Cain’s real position.

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