Friday, November 30, 2012

Silence of the Lamb: A Twitter Chit-Chat With @Whitehouse on @WHlive

Elections are a funny thing - Politicians are known to come up with zingers during the election. But when one gets elected, well that is when the interesting zingers manifest themselves.

During the 2012 presidential you had Romney talking about the 47% who wouldn't vote for him, then you had Obama talking about the 1-2% and the rich.

I could have sworn that "Obama iPhones" where the talk of the town but alas wee Hobbits - you are about to become a sacrificial lamb along with the 2%.

I had a little twitter Chit-Chat with a White House official on The White House twitter account @WHlive.

I had sent a tweet asking who would pay 4 the debt crisis - nothing - then I tweeted this:

Hence the title "Silence of the Lamb." The silence didn't last long.

So we get to the real truth after the election - POTUS believes we need shared sacrifice, i.e. tough cuts in programs many families rely on + real revenue from top 2%

Tough cuts in programs many famlies rely on - like maybe $200,000.00 from the Stone Soup Group; money that helped military families with disabled children.

Did you hear tough cuts in programs many famlies rely on from President Obama when he was campaigning?  All you will hear is silence in answer.

I showed the above tweet to a Black friend of mine who supported Obama. The look on his face said it all.

I felt sorry for him.

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