Thursday, September 19, 2013

Did Senator Mark Begich Wrestle With a Grizzly?

There is an Alaskan folklore that lays out 3 things you have to do in Alaska to become an Alaskan Sourdough.

One thing you have to do is: you have to wrestle an Alaskan Grizzly.

In an article written by Lisa Demer, Senator Mark Begich stated "I've been in a lot of tough races. Bring it on. I was born and raised here," Begich said. "Those guys are visitors. Come on in, outsiders, and see how Alaskans treat ya."

It seems Mark Begich thinks he should get a pass on wrestling an Alaskan Grizzly because he was born here.

He also thinks that you’re an Outsider if you’re not born here.

Evidently, Mark would have considered his own father an Outsider since his father was born in Minnesota, went to school in Minnesota and moved to Alaska.

Or he would have considered Vic Fischer, who was born in Germany and was a delegate to the Alaska Convention as an Outsider.

The list is long on famous Alaskan politicians who moved here, were not born here and have been in a lot tougher fights than Mark Begich has been in.

Many Alaskans who were not born here, came here because they were in the military, fought in WWII, the Vietnam War, the Iraq war, fought in Afghanistan and claim Alaska their home.

Since Begich has lived his life in Alaska, his ability to add leadership to the Committee on Veteran Affairs and Homeland Security is lacking.

Just recently, we have seen how Homeland Security has handled the Boston bombing and Aaron Alexis shooting. Both events are a reflection of the leadership and experience of the members on the Committees that Mark Begich serves.

You could say Mark is a “silver spoon politician” who made his claim to fame off his father’s name and there are quite a few “silver spoon politicians” who were born here and benefited from  their parent’s name and efforts to move to Alaska.

Unfortunately, Alaskans get a politician who has no business enacting laws that affect the lives of many, especially those who served and or currently are serving in the military.

Mark’s bravado on being born in Alaska and having been in tough races is actually an insult to Alaskan Sourdoughs.

The races he won were won on default or when another Outsider Ted Stevens was under investigation for federal crimes. Even then, he barely won.

So while Mark Begich likes to label himself an Alaskan, he never wrestled with an Alaskan Grizzly.

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Anonymous said...

If Begich craps in the woods and no one is it still Begich?

Has the guy ever been outside of Anchorage NOT on a photo op or pandering to funnel money to some remote village?