Monday, November 25, 2013

Did Barack Obama's TelePrompTer go to Mercer Island High School

In a White House press release - President Obama went off script when he stated he went to Mercer Island High School -

Now, the great thing about these kinds of events is I spend most of my time in a conversation with you, as opposed to just making a long speech.  Let me make a couple of observations.  Number one, Jay claims he arranged it, but when we landed, we were flying over Mt. Rainier -- pulled into the airport, came off the plane, and the sunset was lighting the mountain.  And it was spectacular, and reminded me of why it is that I love the Pacific Northwest so much.  
Now, part of it -- I was saying to somebody, part of it may also be that I always feel the spirit of my mom here, because I graduated from Mercer Island High.  (Applause.)  But you guys have got a good thing going here, and it’s not just the Seahawks. I just want to make that point.  (Applause.) 

Oops - the TelePromTer  went off script - it must of went to Mercer Island High School - but since it's Obama - it's always about Obama and that "I" slipped in when it was his mother who graduated from there.

As a side note - I get daily visits from an IP address from Mercer Island visiting threads on his college records.

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