Friday, January 24, 2014

Russian Visits Dropped From Traffic Stats

Russia was the top foreign country that visitors came from - now the stats went Kapoof - Now Ukraine is top dog.


Anonymous said...

It's pretty funny that you think actual people visited your blog. They are blog sniffer robot programs.

And if Ukraine has replaced the Russian ones than the number of visits must be in the tens. Not making you feel like a big important person when someone puts it that way, does it.

With Love


Anonymous said...

Actually I decided to "investigate" your blog's followers since I and just a helpful chap.

Stunningly, I found out a case of corruption. do you know that a whole 50% of your followers are... you?

I'm sure that this corrupt person, you, has been instrumental in a fraudulent attempt in making your blog seem 100% more relevant and influential and visited than it actually is.

THIS INJUSTICE CANNOT STAND! I'm sure you are on the phone to the DOJ to report this fraud on your blog as we speak.

With appreciation!


Tom Lamb said...

Suranis your investigative skills suck

Here is the break down on where Fogbow is compared to Birther report when it comes to directed traffic. 369 170

In other words - Fogbow is irrelevant

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's stunning. Is that the yearly statistics? :)

Your a birther so you get some redirected traffic from fellow birthers. I am truly shocked that you are so relevant that you could only get your fellow birthers, people who agree with you, to click links to your blog 369 times.

And it also shows how little the Fogbow talks about you. I certainly don't bother clicking links from Fogbow to your little site. Fogbow averages something like 300 posts a day. Pretty good for an irrelevant forum. Doc conspiracy's blog is pretty active too, NBC's less so but there is some commentary. I'm not sure why you want to pretend your blog is so popular, after all you only got 2 comments all of last year.

But don't worry, I'm sure God loves you. I truly hope you have a very pleasent day.


ps. Oh, almost forgot, latest real poll results show Support for Obamacare is rising even higher. But then everything in it always did poll well bar the mandate, its just the name was demonised so much by the "liberal" media. One must give props to the Heritage Foundation for coming up with it in the 1980s.

Anonymous said...

I think Suranis is really Reggie Love who is now tired of playing cards in the Offal Office with Obama and is on his laptop.