Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Russians Are Coming to Alaska: Maybe

Remember all of the talk about a tunnel from Russia to Alaska - one Leftist blogger who lacks an intelligent design, thought Oh Boy that's a great idea for Alaska's economy.


Anonymous said...

Tellum Sarah goes with the deal.

Anonymous said...

Putin has been having his generals wargaming taking Alaska for years. It is known he is briefed personally on their results and has the bar set at "we can do it".

Put was baptized in secret as an infant and raised in the Russian Orthodox Church. He has done much to bring the church back to Russia...under his guidance and 'krisha'. Putin himself is guiding his country to taking back Alaska.

Putin is not trying to recreate the Old Soviet Union. He believes he is from an illegitimate pairing of the Czarina and Rasputin and thus the only living person qualified to call himself a Tsar.

Before you laugh..think...does it matter if it is true or only if it is true Putin believes it?

And, can he accomplish it? 9/11 was designed to hit us financially. The World Trade Center was a business condo on steroids. Did it totally fail? We have spent much national treasure and blood in response to it. Putin was watching.

He is now convinced we will collapse just like the USSR did and I believe is patiently waiting for that moment.

As far as building this tunnel for us even if we don't contribute but don't stop him either? Siberia has an amazing amount of natural resources. Couple that with Alaska's infrastructure and Russia would be able to ship from Anchorage's port to the world. What would it take to connect the Trans Siberian Railroad to the port in Anchorage? A connection between Siberia and Nome...check... and roads to Anchorage. How long does anyone think it would take to build a road from Fairbanks to Nome?

How long in WW2 did it take to build a rod across Canada to Alaska?