Friday, July 11, 2014

Mark Begich Pulls a Political Ad Out of His Ass

Mark Begich is running for his political life and decided to pull a political ad out of his ass.

It seems the liar and BS artist wants the Alaska VA to be a model for the country.

Sure he does - But Veterans in Wasilla seem to have a problem with the Alaska VA.

Begich is pushing an audit that was done in Anchorage Alaska but it didn't include Fairbanks, Kenai, Juneau or Wasilla.

The guy is a fraud and the Alaska VA is not a model for the nation.


Anonymous said...

Then why is a female Army veteran with the initials FJ waiting since last SUMMER for her FIRST visit to the Kenai VA?

She lives two miles from it. Begich set that visit with the American Legion Commander up. Watch the first senate hearing on C-SPAN. The Boy Senator invited the AL for a visit and a tour.

How about we open the books for all the veterans service organizations?

Let them do a complete audit for the last 5 years? Anyone think Begich will put his signature on that?

Anonymous said...


I was on the Rick Rydell show this morning and before my voice was even off the air thanks to the sound delay the Alaska VA was on the phone. Promising me that if John needed medical care they couldn't provide the VA would pay for him to fly to VISN 11. They refused to put it in writing and according to VISN 11 no one entered ANY notes agreeing to that but, if it shuts a disabled wife's complaints up until Begich gets reelected promise her anything.

Here are some facts about Begich's Alaska VA.

1) That female vet that lives right by the Kenai clinic? Still waiting over a year for her FIRST appointment.

2) That promise that if you live more than 40 miles or they can't provide medical care the VA will approve outside care? NOT ONE PERSON I CAN FIND KNOWS HOW TO DO THAT. Leave it to Begich who sits on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee to be part of a smoke and mirror fix.

So, in Alaska we have a VA that cannot answer another VA in THREE months on how they are going to bring a long time Alaskan back to Alaska...even with that outside VA willing to work with the Alaska VA to arrange and provide ALL of that care if the Alaska VA will only send him (and a companion) back twice a year so they can provide that care. You would think the Alaska VA would jump on paying for two tickets over a neurologist, ENT, low vision specialist, vestibular therapy, etc. VISN 11 just literally offered to take up the slack for Alaska and in three months the Alaska VA can't get their act together enough to even answer their email.

This is what Begich is so proud of? Maybe his VA liaison who the DC office admitted is in Alaska right now should focus on more than quick cover-ups. Instead of calling quick with a lie you know will never pan out have the Alaska VA do their job and answer their sister VA's emails.

I am not falling for more lies Begich. I have heard more than enough out of your mouth from the dog and pony show at the Loussac Library to C-SPAN. I had to sell my car in order to get my husband medical care when the Alaska VA refused to. Dr. Joe bragged about her kid getting medical care in Seattle while not allowing a 100% service connected disabled veteran to get medical care in Anchorage. Maybe the answer is firing everyone at the Alaska VA and replacing that care with federal BC/BS and letting veterans get the same quality medical care the public servants do.

Somehow I don't think Begich "I voted for Obama Care" would vote for that.

Robin Mitchell