Friday, August 01, 2014

KAL 007 and MH17: Civilian Airliners With Spies

I am always amazed at how the media tends to think the possible is the impossible when it comes to plane crashes.

Take for instance, the plane crash of the former president of Poland in Smolensk - pilot error was reasoned even when the evidence pointed to Russian ATC giving an incorrect glide-slope to the pilot which in turn led to the tragedy.

Whether it was a mistake or intentional - that could have only been deduced by reviewing the video of the scope screen of the radar at Smolensk. A video that was never provided to Poland investigators.

The one factor in the plane crash in Smolensk is you had Russians involved. The factors in KAL007 and MH17 are Russians were involved.

In KAL007, a Russian fighter shot down what was clearly a civilian airliner - and was it is mistake or done on purpose?

When you have all the elements of what took place with the shooting of KAL007 there is only one conclusion, Russia knew they shot down a civilian airliner.

The excuse given by Russia shooting KAL007: spies were on board. James Bond perhaps or did they consider a US Congressman who was killed in the shooting down of the plane to be a spy.

When looking at the shooting of KAL007, people point to the Cold War as a reason for the tension and their understanding that a civilian airliner could be shot down because spies were on board.

That is a fact.

Now take the Malaysia airliner, MH17 which according to sane information, the Russians used a BUK to shoot down MH17.

Was it a mistake or intentional?

During the downing of KAL007 there was a Cold War - during the downing of MH17 there is an actual war taking place.

The Russians said spies where on board KAL007 and according to intercepted communications between people at the MH17 crash scene and Moscow proxies, the question was asked if they found info on spies.

Now why would the issue of spies come up? The same was done when KAL007 was shot down.

There are theories that the BUK was used in a stand alone configuration and used as a reasonable excuse to accidently shoot down a civilain airliner.

The fact is there was the same paranoia displayed by the Russians when KAL007 was shot down and MH17.

Spies on board. And you certainly would take your time to ensure that target with spies would get hit.

That is the only reason for the shooting down of MH17.

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martin said...

Means nothing. There are spies on every airplane that carries more than 9 passengers. So what difference would it make?