Saturday, August 09, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Putin's Hit List

Forget the bullet holes in the MH17 fuselage conspiracy, Ukraine security agencies picked up intelligence on a plan by the Moscow supported terrorists to shoot down a Russian civilian airline.

While the intercepted information is a fact, the information is a design to lay out a hit list by Moscow.

The plan by Moscow is to show that rouge terrorists had a plan on shooting down a Russian plane.

Putin's Hit List

These are the people who were involved in the shooting down of MH17 and would be a liability if caught; they could provide information on how far up the chain orders were given.

“Lyeshyy” (LNR, Ukrainian citizen Oleksiy Pavlov, resident in the town of Prymorsk in Zaporizhzhya Oblast);

“Batya” (LNR, operating in the town of Perevalsk, Luhansk oblast, probably Mykola Kozitsyn, head of one of the “Cossack units” in the LNR);

“Kimeriyets” (DNR, operating in the town of Maryinka, Donetsk oblast, probably in Oplot’s 8th Company).

“Rym” (LNR, commander of a combat unit, operating in the area of Chervonopartyzansk-Sverdlovsk);
“Vitaliy” or “Oruzheynyk” (LNR, operating in the town of Perevalsk, has information on weapons and combat hardware supplies from Russia);

“Mongol” (DNR, was headquartered in the building of the Administration for Combating Organized Crime in the town of Makiyivka);

“Serhiy” (DNR, probably Serhiy Zdrylyuk nicknamed “Abwehr”).

Update:  There have been a bunch of idiots pushing the conspiracy that an Ukraine SU-25 shot down the Malaysia airlines. This is contrary to the Defense Minister of Malaysia who stated evidence points to a SAM.

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