Sunday, April 09, 2006

The taj mahal

South Anchorage High School. The Taj Mahal of education

What can you say other than do as the Romans did.

Where can you sit on the stoop and ponder what Albert Einstein or Mother Teresa said.

I'm talking about the art deco tile in the restrooms.

Now the 1 percent art funding is a good thing. But I would think that having kids drawing or painting murals would be a better use of the money. Is it just me or is this a novel idea.

But hey, the Romans found ways to spend the money so why not us.

In a million years what a story could be told about Anchorage, by some explorer who happens to dig up the tiles displayed in a restroom. I am sure Socrates would be proud.

But back to the basics.

The school has a projected enrollment 1745 students. At $12,000.00 per student, the generated revenue for the school would be a whopping $20,940,000.00. 66 teachers, 2 voc ed teachers, 1, tech teacher, 1 reading teacher, 1 nurse, 1 libraian, 4.60 counselors, 2 ROTC.

-$9,358,900.00 costs to run the school
$11,581,100.00 not going to the classroom

Yes do as the Romans did.

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