Monday, May 01, 2006

Beyond the fringe (Update)

Today, I was doing research for and working on a political brochure for this election when I got a call from Troy Maulden.

For those who do not know, Troy Maulden is running for Lieutenant Governor under the Republican Party. And if you don’t know who he is, then you aren’t on his e-mail list.

Well the conversation started out with Troy Maulden calling me and telling me about Dan Fagan making comments about me being a fringe candidate. And talking about my e-mails being the same as Troy Maulden’s.

First I hadn’t listened to his show. Nor does it matter. Dan Fagan has an opinion and he is entitled to it. And as for the e-mails, if he doesn’t like to get them, he knows my e-mail address.

As for the House District 25 race, it will take a candidate who can get votes without having the BIG GUY money. And it doesn’t take much money to walk the district.

Does a fringe candidate get 41% of the vote without spending one dime in a school board race? A percentage that was about the same as a mainstream candidate got during the Mayoral race and spent much more money on.

Compare for yourself the precincts in House District 25.

Precinct 600
Begich 55.88% Frost 43.38% Lamb 39.64%

Precinct 605
Begich 45.56% Frost 51.21% Lamb 42.07%

Precinct 610
Begich 53.47% Frost 41.13% Lamb 45.09%

Precinct 615
Begich 65.00% Frost 29.81% Lamb 35.89%

Precinct 620
Begich 56.52% Frost 37.55% Lamb 36.89%

Precinct 625
Begich 62.42% Frost 30.87% Lamb 46.28%

Precinct 630
Begich 63.43% Frost 32.36% Lamb 31.09%

Precinct 635
Begich 62.81% Frost 34.52% Lamb 37.99%

Precinct 640
Begich 52.76% Frost 41.34% Lamb 42.18%

Fringe candidates do not get these percentages especially when they do not spend one dime. Nor do they get these percentages with no publicity. Nor do they win precincts as I did.

It is unfortunate that Dan Fagan has resorted to name calling, if this is the case. Building these kinds of numbers in votes does not come easy or without a message. And I have the message, the money part is the easy part and so is walking the district.

Numbers like these go beyond the fringe. Enough said.

UPDATE: This evening I received an e-mail from Dan Fagan on what was said.


Please don't tell me you took something Troy said as fact. I did not call you a fringe candidate. In fact I voted for you and endorsed you on the air. Troy is a trouble maker who lives with his mommy.

I did call you a serial e-mailer and yes you can take me off the list.

Dan Fagan

I owe Dan an apology and will take him off the list.

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