Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Outside the Realm of Spenard

For a "down-home" kind of guy, Doogan gets the dough from Outside the Realm of Spenard. A letter from one of his supporters.

Vote with a clean conscience; vote for honest Mike Doogan.
Recently I tried to contribute $20 to Mike Doogan so there would be at least one honest legislator in Juneau.
Mike Doogan returned my $20, with thanks. He explained that he had already received the maximum contribution of $3,000 from Outside allowed by state law.
Spenard will be well served with Mike Doogan in the Legislature. His integrity, intelligence, ability to expose corruption along with actually living in Spenard since the dawn of time make Mike Doogan the best candidate to represent Spenard. Some people tell me he might actually be a leader, which would be icing on the cake.
Even if you are a Republican you can vote for Mike Doogan with a clean conscience.
I urge the voters of Spenard to elect Mike Doogan to the state House.
---- Jed Whittaker
Olympia, Wash.

It is interesting to note the writer's statement that Mike has lived in Spenard since the dawn of time...................enough said.

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