Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Inserting Foot in Mouth

The following is a statement by Jake Metcalfe, the Alaska Democratic Party Chair/School Board Member/IBEW lawyer as written by the ADN staffer/blogger.

- 11:06 p.m. -
Election Central is hot and packed. Palin and Knowles exchange pleasantries, both beaming. She introduces him to father-in-law. He tells her she “looked good.” Her supporters chant like crazy. SAR-AH SAR-AH. Jake Metcalfe, chair of the Alaska Democratic Party, looks on, wearing a “Goodbye Frank!” sticker on his lapel.
“I think it’s going to be a close race,” he says, but he’s predicting a Knowles victory in the November general election. “It’s experience over no experience, a guy who represents all of Alaska and a woman who represents very little of Alaska outside of Wasilla.”

More material for a Sheila Clue me radio ad.

The Admiral Metcalfe steering the USS Doogan and USS Knowles towards the reef. Where is that oil slick coming from........................ (smile)

A Woman???????????????????????????????? A Guy??????????????????????????????????

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