Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thank You (UPDATE)

I want to Thank those of you who voted in the primary and those who have visited this site.

As I have stated before, a vote is not to be taken lightly. For the moment, I am looking at the data and putting together some radio ads.

I am committed to this campaign and for the most part I will be using money from my own wallet to finance the campaign. Some people have started to call offering money and support.

I said it wouldn't take much money to win this District and I believe this.

The vote count is very encouraging.

How much have I spent so far?

$350.00 for web advertisement on Bob and Mark's website (February to August).
$35.00 to enter the race.
$100.00 for the State of Alaska voter's guide.
$168.00 on radio ads for August.
$150.00 for 900 brochures. (300 distributed in 635 precinct)
$20.00 for voter's registration.

$903.00 to get 1081 votes.

Mike Doogan had to spend over $20,000.00 to get 1035 votes in a District that has voted Democratic.

Not bad for walking one precinct in the district.

I will be looking at precinct 635 to see the break out of voters, then from there it begins.

All it takes is a little bit of money and one helluva of a message that the voters like.

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you as I walk, talk and hand out my black and white brochures.


Facts and Figures: What do they mean.

When you walk a precinct, you can tell much from what the voters are thinking.

House District 25 is very much a Democratic stronghold, proven by Eric Croft’s representation. However, going into this race, I knew that it was possible for a Republican to take the District.

I walked precinct 635 and handed out my brochure to the people in the neighborhood around Doogan’s house. This precinct has gone to the Democrats and it was important to see the effect my message would have.

The effect is; Doogan got 168 votes and I got 169 votes. That is the bottom line. According to what is published on Doogan's website, Doogan’s campaign manager (who I am only guessing here) is hinting that many people who did not vote for me, would go his way. This is political spin.

If you look at Don Young’s vote tally, you will see a clearer picture.

Don Young got 1211 votes while I got 1085 votes. Young got 21 votes in the absentee and I got 22. In the early voting, Young got 40 and I got 38. Given Young’s name and money, the numbers look very good.

Where you get an idea on how the voters will go, you can look at the total vote count in the Lt. Governor’s race. Combined in the Parnell/Ward race, a total of 1402 votes were cast.

Unopposed candidates do not get many votes during the primary. It is a fact.

So on to the facts and figures.

Precinct 600

Doogan 44 votes Lamb 66 votes

Precinct 605

Doogan 49 votes Lamb 112 votes

Precinct 610 Doogan walked this precinct 2 times

Doogan 124 votes Lamb 157 votes

Precinct 615 Doogan walked this District which is a heavy Democrat precinct

Doogan 226 votes Lamb 154 votes

Precinct 620 Doogan walked the precinct the day before the election

Doogan 81 votes Lamb 84 votes

Precinct 625

Doogan 64 votes Lamb 67 votes

Precinct 630 Doogan walked this precinct 2 times

Doogan 131 votes Lamb 102 votes

Precinct 635 Doogan walked the precinct 2 times, I walked it once. This is his “home turf.”

Doogan 168 votes Lamb 169 votes

Precinct 640 Doogan walked the precinct the day before the election

Doogan 85 votes Lamb 110 votes

Absentee Ballots

Doogan 22 Lamb 22

Early Voting

Doogan 41 Lamb 38

Months ago I predicted that precinct 615 would be a tough precinct to carry. The rest are up for grabs.

Given Doogan has spent close to $25,000 and I spent close to $1000.00, things look good.

Now that I have the facts and figures, it is time to bring the message to the voters. I will be targeting two precincts. You go into your opponent's stronghold and convert the voters.

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