Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Talking Points: Gangs in Anchorage

On January 30th, 2007, Alaska Cares and the Safe City Task Force held a training at the B.P. energy center.

Two police officers from the A.P.D. and a special agent from the F.B.I. conducted the training.

The talking points were:

Is there a gang problem in Anchorage? Yes.

Are there gangs in Alaska? Yes.

The Crypts and Bloods are in Fairbanks signified by the color of red and blue clothing.

The definition of a gang is a group of three or more with a common name. With two or more illegal offenses committed within two years under Alaska Statute 11.41 and/or 11.46. Or a felony offenses as determined by the F.B.I.

Under the federal law, a gang can have a continuing series of illegal offenses or a Federal felony. They have to commit a crime of violence or a conspiracy to commit a crime.

Gangs are a product of the community in Alaska. Gangs do not relocate to Alaska. They use intimidation with the people in their communities including their own members to maintain control.

They exist in virtually every community in Alaska.

Gang ideology:

Three or more members up to 1000. Their motto is "respect equals fear" and vice versa. This is considered gang discipline.

An organization is not a gang. And organization is explained as a group that help other members in their community.

A gang will give guidance to their new members. And present a facade of getting along with everyone.

Recruitment and Membership:


Gangs are targeting 5th/6th and 7th graders for membership. The Safe City Task Force is also targeting this age group for prevention.

There is a perceived status in the gang:

Gain Self Esteem
Peer Pressure
Need to Belong
Instant Recognition
Organized with national ties
"A uniform"
Written rules and regulations

Gangs often are a result of family generational influence/familes condone the gangs

Protection "someone has their back."
Money (clothes, cars, jewlery, or hard cash)

Ongoing gang wars can escalate to murder.

Factors influencing membership

Home Life
School Environment
Criminal History
Previous Incarceration
Mental Illness
Substance Abuse

Gangs recruit in schools, churches, teen night clubs, athletic events and teen hang-outs

Membership is not defined by ethnic groups, gender or age. In Alaska it does not matter.

Males make up 85% of the gangs and females making up 15%. Females are often the decoys or the spies. The national average age for gang members is from 18 to 40 years.

Per research from the Juvenile Justice system in Alaska, the average age is 12-16 years old.

Hardcore members promote the violence. At risk kids are the easiest for to target for intervention.

Types of gangs:

The scavenger gang is the most common gang in Anchorage.

Criminal Activities:

Drug sales

Drugs include trafficking, sales, usage and possesion.


Money and retailiation.



Red, Blue and Black in Alaska

Gangs use area codes as indentifiers

Cell phone pads and numbers are used to text other members.

Law Enforcement Strategies

Illegal aliens
Traffic Stops

Number of gangs in Anchorage:

30 + gangs

Communities in Alaska are in denial. Fairbanks does not recognize the problem.


Anonymous said...

get your shit straight before you desrespect the wrong people i dont know where you get your info from but you need to correct it with a quickness

Anonymous said...

If someone is being disrespected, correct with comments. As I said, it is from a briefing by Alaska Cares and the FBI.

Anonymous said...

pshh I'm originally from Chicago and been living in Alaska for 16 years and there is no gangs in Alaska. Just a bunch of kids that imitate what they see on T.V and that has too much damn time on their hands. They need to find a hobby or a job because truly I am not impress with their act and wanna be status. I like to see them act like that in the streets of the lower 48's I guarantee you they wouldn't last and there would be a lot of funerals by the way they act. Alaska might call them gangs but I call them fakes. If you kill a person dosen't automatically make you a banger that makes you a murderer. Also they be part-timing the shit. True gangbangers are 24-7 not when they feel like it. Damn fakes...

another anon said...

haha. this guy's hardcore.

Anonymous said...

First of all yall need to get some different info cuz aint none of this shit true. And I aint heard of none of those gangs in anchorage so stop lying.And if people think they aint no real gang bangers it's just cuz you aint met no real niggas.

Anonymous said...

These niggas funny! Crypts or Crips. Wanna be motha Fuckas. Quit try'n to be what you see on MTV and do your own shit. Bangin is a way of life not a style.

Anonymous said...

Alaska is SOOOOO WAY FAR out there, to where they would have no idea about a true "Gang". This is just about a bunch of "KIDS" trying to make a point. GO HOME AND SHUT THE HELL UP, already. So far as you all jumping Police Officers and crap, you're parents should have beat your butts a long time ago, but they are to busy trying to "score" the hits with you to care what you are up to. "Bangin" does not happen in a place like Alaska, hell you don't know the real world, you are secluded from it. Parked on the other side of Canada, nobody in the lower 48 calls Alaska part of the United States, hell they don't even know where we are. Get over this little tot shit, and grow the hell up. One day you will wish that you never played these games, cuz your children will pay your price......

Anonymous said...

For the one that left the mess.(pshh I'm originally from Chicago and been living in Alaska for 16 years and there is no gangs in Alaska.) Bullshit there is plenty of gangs here in Alaska we have plenty here, you sound like a little bitch ass white boy...We protect each other just like you and your race, so stay out...

Anonymous said...

fuk chicago n suk my dik u dnt no wat bangin is cuzz im from da beach ho n we out hea now still bangin on fuk ass niggas like u trik

Anonymous said...

This always makes me crack up when i hear this... I have lived in Alaska for Nineteen years and have never seen one gang. There is some down ass people here and some yes former gang member but no gangs here. APD is filled with a bunch of bumb mother fuckers anyways who probley just get bord do to the lack of crime, and drunk ass natives they have to deal with. enough said there is only wanna be gay ass little wynes with rich ass mommy and daddys tryn to be hard when there not... I wanna put this kids in a block in Huston haha

Anonymous said...

u damn kids r idiots alaska is filled with rats that dont pay no price snitch on ur friends and they still live down where im from snitches left in the ditches bitches get the stitches u no what i mean get smart get the ones that take ur money and stop faking like a faggot at bootcamp fuckers come around my town and see whats up

Anonymous said...

Look I will admit there is so called gangs in Alaska. The only real gang I can think of in Alaska though is the Hells Angels. Ive seen these guys all over Anchorage and Eagle River not a group a guys you wanna mess with. And what is with all the DIZ Shit and all that kind of talk. Why dont you talk normal? People would really take you more seriously. I see all these young punk ass kids at the local High schools trying to dress like they are a gang member. I honostly dont get this whole damn gang seen thing. Ya I understand they wanna make money. Here is an Idea instead of acting like a moron acting like you are a gang member get a job. There is plently of them around. Go work up on the North Slope there is a lot of good money to be made up there. Or keep up your lifestyle and die young or become the prison bitch. Its your choice and your life make the best of it.

chainsawjames said...

Get rid of the Blacks and you will have no gangs. Sorry but it is the truth.

robert said...

chainsaw????What rock you crawl out from?What about the Mexican ,the Aryan Nation,the Viet Namese,and all the other gangs?Are you locked in a room at your mommies house?Its stupid comments and your uneducated beliefs and prejudices that has America falling back to the 50's.Do us all a favor and stay off the net .I for one have no time to correct your uneducated ass.

Anonymous said...

Very have had this blog going for how long and this is the most anyone has responded to them?
Maybe someone should do some checking on internet addresses here.

Just my humble opinion

Anonymous said...

hey im from Juneau Alaska nigga, im in Soulja Crew L.$.C. nigga. and i am the problem. im livin in washington. i rep dat green black and white nigga. SOULJA CREW XIX NIGGA!!

Anonymous said...

Souljah Crew was full of rats!!! N dead!!! Whoever this juneau fool is is washed up get a job.. South Side anchorage bruh fuck gangs get money!!!

Anonymous said...

Man all yall niggaz is wac.. this E/S LONbK bKEACH S.O.S 10ST DIME bKLOKC. SA GANG OR DONT bKANG!! lXbKC1..

Anonymous said...

There is gang activity here. It starts in the middle schools. It is not stopped because the parents of these kids aren't doing their job and because the sick people who run these gangs prey on children who don't have the life skills yet to see them for what they are...pathetic losers who couldn't recruit adults. I say we stomp them out. Grind them out of existence. Know a gang member? Know a gang leader? We have a duty to keep our streets clean and our kids safe.

Anonymous said...

well "The definition of a gang is a group of three or more with a common name. With two or more illegal offenses committed within two years under Alaska Statute 11.41 and/or 11.46. Or a felony offenses as determined by the F.B.I."

that makes it easy to be considered a gang. that means my neighbor downstairs is in a gang. just because the gangs in Alaska aren't as dangerous or violent as the ones in the lower 48 or other countries does not make it any less of a concern.

it is terrible that kids even want to copy the "gang lifestyle"

Anonymous said...

This is the first person to say it right. And as to another post I have to agree that if you people would get an education and learn to speak like an intelligent human we would take you seriously. Respect doesn't come from talking shit, fear, intimidation or your pathetic demands for it. You want respect I give it freely to those dedicated to making a better life for them selves their family friends and neighbors. You want violence join the military. Fight for something bigger and better than yourselves. I figure no one will listen to what I say and only get pissed off for the criticism. Take it for what you want

Anonymous said...

Ctfu at all of you. ... I'm from Omaha Nebraska and now live in San Diego I've seen worse gangs and hoods than most of you can imagine shootings everyday is a regular you wake up and pray your nor your loved ones get killed. ..I dunno why anyone would want to live like that

Anonymous said...

They should round up the gang bangers that shoot and kill and rob etc and send them to Guantanamo bay Cuba where they take captured terrorist to and subject them to the same treatment as enemy
terrorist and eradicate the gangsters permanently...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yo we protect ours blood is thicker then water! Join the military to fight for what black gold, no disrespect to our military I got brothers in uniform we all know we created this terrorist beast to defeat assay world bank invading biblical prophecies the beast with three heads we all know the most dangerous gang wheres blue and rides on a pale horse!