Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ice Age: The Meltdown

The environmentalists are going into a frenzy over Global Warming and with the latest lie coming out from scientists on the matter, they are getting worse.

I won't link to it because it is the same retread of lies propogated by the nuts who think Humans are the reason for the melting of the polar ice caps and the oceans will rise to where Colorado will become beach front property.

Well, I am here to tell you, I saw the movie Ice Age: The Meltdown and it is packed with more truth than what those nuts have to say.

Some history.

The landscape of the Midwest was very different 16,000 years ago. Although glaciers were retreating, much of the midwestern U.S. was still under ice. Some areas had been only recently deglaciated. These areas may have been covered with bare sheets of till that were slowly being revegetated. Large, proglacial lakes formed where morraines dammed the water coming off the melting glaciers. Dust storms were depositing thick layers of loess (windblown dust) over many areas. Lakes, marshes, and mires were common.

Sixteen thousand years ago the climate was quite different in the area. Temperatures in the summer were significantly cooler than today. Winter temperatures were colder than those experienced today but not dramatically so.

Because of the cooler climate, many of the plants and animals that inhabited the area around 16,000 years ago were different than those found in the region today. This can be seen in the reconstruction above.

The reconstruction shows several mastodons feeding in wetlands in a parkland dominated by spruce and balsam (poplar or aspen). The picture shows the area in the fall. An osprey is hunting for fish over the area. In addition, several flocks of geese can be seen migrating through the region.

The climate was changing back then and the ice was melting, but in the movie, I didn't see any fossil burning vehicles. Did they even have fossils back then?
In the link below you will find how much of Canada was covered in ice and you will see how fast it melted. Were there any fossil fuels being used by humans? Take a look a what scientist have come up with. Did the Continent flood? No.
Yes, you can find more truth in an animated movie then you can find in some nut who claims to know it all.

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