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An enemy within our midst: It is Us

The Birth of a Revolution

"...He looked a lot like Che Guevara, drove a diesel van. Kept his gun in quiet seclusion, such a humble man. The only survivor of the National People's Gang. Panic in Detroit, I asked for an autograph. He wanted to stay home, I wish someone would phone."

Lyrics from Panic in Detroit by David Bowie from the album Alladin Sane 1973

The 1960's were a time of social turmoil and unrest. The Vietnam war was being fought and the civil rights movement was being fought. The sexual revolution was in its infancy and drugs became a fad that turned into an addiction. Divorce evolved to where it is no longer considered abnormal.

The cultural revolution that exploded on the scene in the 60's, seems to have found its roots in our educational system. Our intellectual professors think they have a hold on what they think is right for our nation and they teach their values and grade accordingly.

So-called revolutionaries who were sung about by singers like David Bowie and Iggy Pop, highlight the past and tell of what I would call today, is the "Oprah" effect. Popularity, polls and the race card sit ahead on the bus, while substance and honor of the individual gets to sit on the back of the bus.

Somehow, I keep waiting for Jerry Springer to show up at the next event and get on that same bus, sitting right up front with Oprah.

Having grown up around Detroit and living through the riots and seeing the changes that took place overtime, I see a pattern that actual started back in the 60's that is repeating itself today.

There is a movement that has supported and propelled Barack Obama into the possible presidential nominee for the Democrat Party. And that movement is dangerous to the freedoms of this country.
The pattern I see starts with a story that was written for a college paper in Michigan. It was about one such revolutionary that David Bowie could have sung about; a revolutionary that visited a college campus in Michigan and the outcome of what happens when one speaks freely about the revolutionary visiting the college campus.

Burn Baby Burn

This journey back in time, brings us to where we are seeing the radical revolution movement of the past, gain validity through Barack Obama today.

The following is a copy of the story that was written for the Macomb County Community College's paper Sporadic back in 1968. The author of the story tells me how certain parts of the original story were edited out. And what happened after this story was published.

The author, Sydney Lamb, was a single mother then with three children and attended college so she could become a teacher. This woman grew up fighting in the civil rights movement but left the movement when she was threatened by Black Militants. This woman was a Democrat who left the Democrat party because it was becoming too liberal and began backing the radical left.

Her background made her an expert on what the Democrat party had become and what it is today. And she wrote about it through the lens of objectivity and was threatened for it.

The threats made against Sydney were death threats written on paper that were placed on the college paper's office door to wrapping her vehicle in chains so she could not open it.

Ironically those who made threats against her burned the campus paper. Who made the threats? The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and one professor who while in class held up the paper and lit a match to it all the while, the students laughed .

The SDS is same organization that finds its founders and roots in people like Tom Hayden who exported workers to Cuba and supporters like Willam Ayers who was part of the Weather Underground an organization that could be refered to as a terrorist group back then.

These two men are supporters of Barack Obama.

Motor City Madness

"...It’s time to recapture the spirit of innovation that has always fueled America’s economic success,” the Democratic presidential candidate said Wednesday during his first visit to Macomb County and to Michigan. It’s time we had an economy that was driven not just by foreign debt, but by the power of America’s imagination … While this is a moment of challenge, it’s also a moment of opportunity.” Obama visited workers at Chrysler’s Stamping Plant in Sterling Heights and later appeared at an invitation-only town hall meeting at Macomb Community College." (Source: Macomb Daily 5/15/08 (1a) By Frank DeFrank)

Having grown up in Michigan and having worked at the Sterling Stamping Plant and having gone to Macomb Community College, I found Barack Obama's visit to both places interesting.

Seeing the decline in jobs related to the "Big Three" and seeing first-hand how the union participated in the decline of jobs, I find Obama's political rhetoric interesting and hypocritical.

It is a well known fact the decline of jobs in the auto industry finds its roots in outrageous taxes paid to the states and cities like Detroit. Along with the high taxes, unrealistic retirement benefits that the unions negotiated have finally come to a point where they are breaking the bank of the "Big Three".

What has transpired is the "Big Three" have looked elsewhere to stay alive. So the "Big Three" have looked overseas and found China, a country that offers a place to do business. What is not discussed too much is how unions have in fact hurt their rank and file in the long run and how the socialist movement of the unions find commonality with communist nations like China.

The fact the "Big Three" have gone overseas is troubling, but when you have headlines that read: China's top political advisor meets U.S. trade union leaders, questions should be asked, who do Union Leaders represent? The worker or themselves. See

We know power corrupts and the corruption finds its way into any political body to include unions. We also know politicians say one thing but act on another.

Case in point is the so-called progressive movement that makes up a large political arm of the Democrat Party. People who make up this movement are people like George Soros, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Big-time money makers and shakers in the political and financial arena and supporters of Barack Obama.

All of them are not your typical working class, beer drinking "white" guy.

George Soros finds his political and economic beliefs rooted in organizations like the Fabian Society; a society where Rose L. Martin, writing in the book, the Fabian Freeway, published by Western Islands, USA, 1966, said, in reference to Fabianism and its objectives:

"The Fabian Society consists of Socialists...the Fabian Society looks to the
spread of Socialist opinions, and the social and political changes consequent
The irony of the socialist movement is, it will eventually destroy the jobs of those who support the movement.

There has been much discussion on what is causing oil prices to rise. There is the argument that the weakening dollar is to blame. This is true. There is the argument that production is down and is the cause of oil prices rising. This is true. There is the argument that oil speculators are causing the rise in oil prices. This is true also.

All three things are involved in the rise in oil prices. On close examination of events that caused the dollars decline, you can find Soros had a hand in it.

To be continued..............

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