Friday, August 15, 2008

Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka Barry Dunham

The story goes that Barry Soetoro moved back with the Dunhams, Barack's grandparents who lived in Hawaii. This was done when he was nine. There is the rumor that Barack's grandparents adopted him, thus a name change but there is no indication he was adopted.

Moreover, Barack's mother and stepfather from Indonesia didn't divorce until about 1988. Given that the stepfather adopted Barack, he would have to give the grandparents the approval in the adoption.

One time line that is of interest is 1981 when it is rumored that Barack's mother and stepfather where seperated and Barack's mother was living in Pakistan. It is rumored that Barack used an Indonesian passort and took a trip to Pakistan in 1981 to see his mother.

The passport of Barack is important. At the time, Barack was 20 years old and keep in mind that he would only hold an Indonesian citizenship at the time if the rumor is true. Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenship.

So this leads back to the story here:

State Dept. Workers Snoop Into Barack's Passport Records
By Michael O'Brien
- Mar 20th, 2008 at 10:53 pm EDT
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It has been reported that three State Department contract employees violated department regulations and possibly federal law. The three contractors accessed Senator Obama’s passport records without authorization. The violations occurred three times, in three consecutive months, January, February and March. The latest breach occurred last Friday. This is a breaking story that will certainly warrant further investigation. In a statement issued today, the campaign has demanded a full and thorough investigation.

Stay tuned and Stay Fired Up!

In peace & justice,
Michael O’Brien
Athens County Democrats for

To be continued...... FOIA in the making?

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