Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Barry Soetoro and a SBKRI

What is an SBKRI? It is Evidence of Indonesian Citizenship Certificates

A citizenship certificate was needed to process documents, including passports, business licenses, credit applications and even university applications.

This fact also raises the question; did Barack's mother need one?

Some short background on the citizen certificates....

July 29, 1958

The government issues Law No. 62/1958 on Citizenship. This law uses ius sanguinis as its basis and does not recognize bipatride (dual citizenship) or apatride (no citizenship).

This means the Indonesian government did not recognize a dual citizenship. Moreover, according to the Law No. 62/1958, children from mixed marriages had to follow the father’s nationality. As previously stated, the Indonesian government recognized adoptions. This would explain Barack's name change and change in citizenship.

There has been various arguments on if Obama held a dual citizenship to where was he born. The most plausible theory is Obama lost his U.S. citizenship when he lived in Indonesia.

The question is, when you lose your U.S. citizenship, how do you get it back? That is the question that should be asked.

To be continued............

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