Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting Schooled on Barry Soetoro

From the Indonesian Newspaper Banjarmasin Post and the generated translation on the article.

On Sunday, on July 09 2006 02:31 Obama small still was remembered by his teammates in Jakarta. Barry, the Barack call during small, flexible and easy-going. Apart from often played marble and football, he was active to the prayer room. Barry was previously quite religious Islam.

His birth father, Barack Husein Obama was the Muslim economist from Kenya.
Before marrying Ann Dunham, Husein Obama married Kenyans and produced seven
children. All the relatives a Barry's father were religious Islam. "We previously often asked him to the prayer room close to the house." If with the sarong, funny deh, said Rony Amir, Barry's teammate when living in Street H Ramli, the region Menteng Dalam, Jakarta.

In fact, without wearing the sarong, Barry also appeared funny. This was because his body was fat, tall, and he had curly hair. Ronny when remembering the memory with Barry always laughed. "Funny no matter what," he said while terkekeh.But, at this time Barry has moved the Christian religion. He lived happy with his wife, Michelle, with two daughters.

Since being chosen as the US senator from Illinois, Barry's name was increasingly famous. About the challenged taken on by Barry in the USA, Rony took part in feeling proud. According to him, since childhood, Barry indeed liked to socialise. Perhaps this became important for Barry, so as to become a politicians who was respected in the USA.

Be most startled enough also Rony when hearing Barry becoming the great person in US. Padahal, since small, Barry did not differ from children Menteng Dalam that liked to play marble and football. "That distinguished with us only, at that time his body was high big and black," said Rony.

In the beginning of the life in Jakarta, Barry the school in the Franciscan PRIMARY SCHOOL. Here he was registered by the name of Barry Soetoro. He entered this PRIMARY SCHOOL with the serial number 203.

In his report, Barry was written was born in Honolulu, on August 4 1961. In the school document, Barry was written as the Indonesian citizen. Barry entered the Franciscan PRIMARY SCHOOL on January 1 1968 and sat in the class of 1B. Agama Barry that was written in the document was Islam. While his father had a name L Soetoro Ma that worked as the official of Director General's Geography of Topografi TNI Angkatan Darat of the Service.

Barry only went to school three years in the Asisi PRIMARY SCHOOL. He only studied until the class 3. In 1970, Barry moved to the Percobaan PRIMARY SCHOOL 04 Besuki, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat. When moving to the Besuki PRIMARY SCHOOL, Barry also moved the house to Street Dempo, Matraman, Jakarta. Dozens of years did not meet, friends of Barry's PRIMARY SCHOOL in Jakarta then yearned for him.

Initially, they did not know Barack Obama.However after they saw his photograph, they then just understood that the loop hair had black skin that was Barry."Oh... the black that."He previously his name of Barry. Intensively he, now he is the great person.In America again.When yes he to Indonesia again, said Irma Dewi Sukanti, one of the former friends of the senator who currently is talked about as the US presidential candidate 2008. competed with Hillary Rodham Clinton, the wife former US President Bill Clinton.

dtc/dwsTranlated at http://www.toggletext.com/kataku_trial.php#

Source http://www.indomedia.com/bpost/072006/9/depan/utama4.htm

AP Photo/ Tatan SyuflanaThis is a picture that was e-mailed to my AOL account on the 11th of August. It was taken by an A.P. reporter out of Indonesia. The date is unkown.

So according to this article, Barry was "written" as an Indonesian citizen which raises the question if Barack Obama lost his U.S. citizenship through an adoption. The question would be; did his mother give up her U.S. citizenship when she moved to Indonesia?

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