Tuesday, August 19, 2008


August 19, 2008 10:45 P.M.

SAINT PETERS GATE, ILL --- Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, through divine intervention has chosen his Vice Presidential running mate. The name of the chosen one to run with the chosen one, came to him when he was walking in the wilderness of Hawaii.

According to angels that chose to have their names not made public, the decision came to Sen. Barrack Obama in a vision of a birth certificate that had the name of the chosen one who will run with the chosen one.

The angels said that Sen. Barack Obama had trouble deciphering the name, but a bright light had shown on the certificate and the name of the chosen one to run with the chosen one, was revealed.

Sen Barack Obama looked to the heavens and said "Allah, er Jehovah, er G-d Yes we can." And the angels who chose to not have their name made public, sang in praise
that indeed yes he wants to have an angry Vice Presidential running mate.

So as the angels have told; Senator Barack Obama heeded the calls from the heavens and has chosen the Rev. Wright to be his Vice Presidential running mate. No, make that William Ayers. No make that Michelle Obama. No make that Michael Moore. No, make that Bill Clinton....................

Michael Angel reporting

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