Monday, August 18, 2008

World Net Daily on Barry Soetoro

WND had an article on Barry Soetoro. In the article it is stated:

"...Indonesian law at the time also did not recognize duel citizenship, meaning if Obama became Indonesian, then as far as that country was concerned, his U.S. citizenship was no longer recognized by Indonesia. But U.S. law would still recognize Obama as an American citizen."

The statement that the U.S. would still recognize Obama as an American citizen is problematic and in reality under International Treaty, would be wrong.

Since Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenship, Barry Soetoro would not have the benefits of being an Indonesian citizen. Thus the U.S. would recognize the laws of Indonesia and give force to the parent's rights and adoption.

As stated previously on this blog, Hague Conventions are applied by the USA and this has been US Law since before 1930 (see:Memorandum on Nationality, including Statelessness: DocumentA/CN.4/67, Prepared by Ivan S Kerno, International Law Commission, United Nations General Assembly, 6th April 1953.)

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