Friday, August 29, 2008

Does Governor Sarah Palin Have the Experience

to run the White House? Of course she does, she is the mother of five children.

So what is the difference.

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Anonymous said...

So What!!! There are tons of women out there doing far more with the same amount of children and without the resources I am sure Sarah the govenor has at her current fingertips. Just because you can multi-task and hold down a job with a pack of kids does not qualify you for anything. You can still be as dumb as a brick--like having too many kids to handle. This is 2008 for god's sake--I would hope that we are making better decisions about our reproductive abilities and how we would like to manage our careers. Don't get me wrong. I am all for women in the workforce, equal pay, against sexist comments about our abilities, etc., but we are choosing our VP. Not a CEO of a corporation, not a manager of a large institution--VP. She is only human and will not be able to take on this job. I would bet she is barely making it now being govenor. She is not well-rounded, exposed to the world at large, has never really traveled, barely educated based on today's requirements in the global world--come on folks. I would vote for her in a heartbeat to be a school superintendant, or CEO, but not VP. I could be the mayor of Wasilla and I don't even have a college degree. How hard could it be??? But I have seen the world and I am sure this women does not have the perspective necessary to conduct herself internationally. I hear she does not even have a passport. What kind of perspective can she have about the world standing and looking out from the town of Wasilla. I am not willing to experience her learning curve and neither should the American people. Above all though--is now I have total disregard for anything McCain could even do or say from here on out. He is NOT taking our best interests at heart. Sarah needs to ripen and in a decade or two when her plate is cleaned off, I would love to see her contribute to our society further. She needs to set her priorities and so do we. We cannot risk letting someone with such a full plate and an empty pantry help to run our country or god forbid run it alone. These view points are not sexist they are reality. If we have learned anything during the last 3o years of women's liberation is that we CANNOT do it all and do any of it well. Look at the ails of our society--I think we have learned that we can have it all, we just need to do it wisely and maybe not all at once.