Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain hits a home run

McCain hit a home run by picking Sarah Palin. I will talk about why on this thread.

come back in a few days

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Anonymous said...

Agreed! Big home run! Even as a fellow Naval Academy alum, I was going to stay at home due to McCain's not-so-conservative social policy leanings. Now I've got a like-minded candidate on the ticket: Governor Palin. If nothing else, it tells me Mr. McCain has some amount of respect for his conservative base.

That said, I'd like to make a point regarding an article posted on One of the talking heads, a professor from Temple U, made a prediction "that Biden would point to his own extensive experience, forcing Palin to point to McCain’s experience." He continued, "Which makes her look weak, which is what (Democrats) want.” Mr. Hill's prediction could turn out to be true. However, if Governor Palin points instead to Obama's experience, she would have the upperhand, and not be perceived as weak. Plus, she could point to Biden's lengthy career and possibly find parallels to her former nemesis, deposed (and exposed) Alaskan Governor Frank Murkowski.