Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Get in their Face",0,7109081.story

Hundreds protest McCain appearance in Grand Rapids

OH: Union Members Protest McCain-Palin Visit in Youngstown

Protest McCain/Palin tomorrow in Lee's Summit!!

Progressive Students of Milwaukee Protest the McCain/Palin Agenda

Dems Protest McCain's Appearance

1500 Alaskans, mostly women, protest Palin & McCain in Anchorage

Compare a google search on protesters that "get in their face" at a McCain/Palin event

versus an Obama event:

There is a pattern setting up; in response to the Lipstick Revolution, there is the counter revolution similar to that of the Nashi movement that Putin started.

This idea of getting in your face has a history and you can see it play out among the radical elements of the youth who support leaders who depend on the youth to catapault them to power.

It happened with Hitler, it happened with Putin and we are seeing it with Obama.

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