Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hell Hath no Fury as that Of a Jealous Feminist

Talk about the true definition of a scorned woman: Here it is folks.

Read it and weep or laugh, but this woman is a woman who is full of hate.,CST-NWS-mitch14.article

Palin should be laughingstock to all feminists

September 13, 2008
BY MARY MITCHELL Sun-Times Columnist

Sarah Palin makes me sick. I hate that she was able to steal Barack Obama's mojo just by showing up wearing rimless glasses and a skirt.

I hate that she makes Joe Biden look like John McCain and John McCain look like the maverick he is not.

I hate that Palin reminds me of Susan Sarandon's feisty character in "Thelma & Louise." I loved Sarandon in that movie, yet I couldn't stand Palin's feistiness at the Republican National Convention.

Sarah Palin makes me sick -- not because she may speak in tongues -- but because she is a fast talker.

Not even ABC's Charlie Gibson can slow Palin's mouth.

I disagree with the people who claim Gibson caught her off guard during her interview when he asked her whether she agreed with the "Bush Doctrine."

"In what respect?" Palin fired back without so much as a stutter.

Palin has talked about the haters, well this columnist fits the category.

Read the screed and the hatred is oozing out.

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