Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Day in the Life of Sarah Palin

Pictures speak louder than words on the pro-rally held here in Anchorage for Sarah Palin.

Of course there was the protest-rally of about 500 people which was about 1/3 of those attending the pro-Sarah rally.

Of course the organizers were saying at least 1500 showed up, but that wasn't the case.

Here is a link to an unkown blogger who post here in Alaska on the ADN. The pics are of the protest.

And another blogger has posted pictures here:

Meanwhile most Alaskans, thanks to Sarah Palin and the Alaska Legislature where doing this today:

Alaskans head to stores, pay bills with $3,269 PFD checks

What was it like in Anchorage on Friday as $1.6 billion worth of Permanent
Fund dividend and "resource rebate" money washed over the state economy?

Palin reaches out to Nevada Republicans

CARSON CITY — Republican Vice Presidential nominee and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gave a brief speech to an enthusiastic crowd of about 5,000 people here today.

The estimate on the crowd of 5,000 is low but who is counting, she is drawing huge crowds.

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