Sunday, September 28, 2008

It is an Emotional Thing: Voters Connect More with Palin

Palin Continues to Create Stronger Emotional Connections Between McCain and Voters According to a New by SenseUS™ Emotional Response Polling

While Obama remains strong with Democrats, the Party shows less enthusiasm for him than Republicans do for McCain, which could prove to be a vulnerability in November unless rectified.

Independents currently feel more connected overall to McCain than to Obama, once again likely due to a strong connection with Palin. As far as individual issues, this crucial sector identifies more closely with McCain on the Iraq War and Obama on healthcare.

In trying to sway independent voters, the candidates have a major opportunity on the issue of the economy. While McCain has a slight lead over Obama, neither has emerged as a clear leader. In view of recent economic developments, whichever candidate takes the lead on this issue may earn the edge with Independents.


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