Sunday, September 28, 2008

When it Comes to Facts, Andrew Halcro Comes up Short

In Today's Anchorage Daily News, Andrew Halcro writes about the debates between Palin and himself.

The overall tone of the article is Andrew is right and Palin is wrong.

Well get in that wayback machine and follow me. Andrew doesn't know his facts when it comes to domestic violence and proof is in the pudding as they say.

What was the title of Andrew's thread? Family Violence Issues Need Attention

The link is here

Family Violence Issues Need Attention...... Yes inded they do Andrew but you dind't have your facts in order.

Here is a summary of what I wrote on Andrew's position:

Now, back to Andrew Halcro's opinion piece.

Here are the facts from the Child Protective Services in Alaska on harm to children.

In a graph that is on the website you will find with 33% of single women there was a report of harm to the children, while with 4.5% of single fathers, there was a report of harm. When you look at the mother/partner relationship, 7.9% a report of harm while the father/partner relationship had 0.6 % report of harm. Mother/Stepfather 5.2% report of harm vs. Father/Stepmother 1.1% report of harm.

Where the statistics get grey is on the two parent family where there was a 45.7% report of harm to children.

In summary on a Men's Health Network site, some surprising statistics jump out and they need to be looked at carefully. The site is found here:

Over 2/3 of the child abuse committed by a parent is committed by the mother.(4)
Mothers (55%) are more likely the fathers (45%) to murder their children.(5)
Mothers kill sons (64%) more often than daughters (36%) and 78% of the child victims are under age 11.(6)

4) Data provided by the Child Protective Service agencies of Virginia (67% mothers, 33% fathers), New Jersey (70% mothers, 30% fathers), Texas (68% mothers, 32% fathers), and Minnesota (62% mothers, 38% fathers) , and Alaska (67% mothers, 33% fathers).

5) Bureau of Justice, "Murder in Families", NCJ-143498.

6) Ibid.

What can be seen from Mr. Halcro's opinion is; he carries a perception that is biased, but more importantly it shows a perception that may have found or could find its way into the decision-making process that has no room for such bias.

A good legislator will search for the truth and act accordingly in a balanced manner. Unfortunately, at the hands of a majority of mothers, abusers are being molded and groomed by mothers that we later read about who are abusing women and men in the headlines.

It is time the laws address this fact.

It seems Andrew likes to play the part of the meterosexual male who can feel a woman's pain, but when it came to Sarah Palin's sister, Andrew shows his true colors. When it came to Andrew and Walt Monegan, Andrew was AWOL on Monegan's past history on domestic violence and for the most part joined the choir of the women who can't stand Palin because she is pro-life.

And Andrew completely ignored the evidence against Trooper Wooten's behavior. The question is why? Well when you read today's column by Halcro, it is pretty easy to see why.

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