Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin Democrats

Having grown up in Roseville, Michigan and having been raised in a strong Catholic family. I am very familiar with the politics and rythmn of Macomb County.

My mother was deeply involved in politics in the Democrat party, the civil rights movement and she left the party when it was taken over by union thugs and feminists.

To give a hint of her background I wrote about her time as a college newspaper reporter for Macomb County Community College.

The thread on her time as a newspaper reporter is here:

Politics in Michigan hasn't changed much in that the people in Macomb County represent most of the rust belt and contrary to what the political pundits say, most of the voters are looking for a politician they can connect with on a personal level.

Having witnessed first-hand, Palin's rise through politics, I can say she has "it."

She connects with people and the people will be her strength, and the MSM would be wise to understand that her imperfections will be overlooked, because she has proven herself to overlook other's imperfections.

This connection with voters will grow, I should know I voted for her and have been critical of her on certain issues, but at the same time, I support here.

For this reason I wrote a thread about her and titled it Macomb County Michigan Democrats: Color Them Palin Democrats

I wrote the following:

This is a new era of politics.

Sarah Palin has spoken to the millions in the PTA, especially parents who have special needs children. She has spoken to the blue collar workers and to the women who want a champion.

Color the Democrats who vote for the McCain/Palin ticket, "Palin Democrats".

McCain and Palin need to take a road trip to Macomb County, Michigan and take the Democrats back.

When Reagan won, studies were done on the Macomb County Democrats. These Democrats were called the Reagan Democrats.

In today's TimesOnline out of the U.K. the wrote an article titled: 'She's one of us': Palin wins over Obama women.

“She empowers a lot of women,” said Mrs Goral, a mother of two in Macomb County – a national bellwether in the battleground state of Michigan and an area rich in white, working-class swing voters who will play an important role in deciding the election in November.

“I like that she’s a brand new mother, and that she has the courage to stand behind her pregnant daughter. She relates to working women. For all of us who have children at home but have to go to work every day – she has given us a sense that we can still do it and can be an excellent mum,” she said. “Sarah Palin is a role model. She’s made me more likely to vote Republican.”

If Mr Obama should be in any doubt how gravely the vice-presidential nomination of the Governor of Alaska has imperilled his White House ambitions, then a day spent in Macomb County will make this clear: white women who voted for John Kerry in 2004 are suddenly deserting the Democratic Party.

There "IT" is and it happened within about 8 days time. And I guarantee you it is not only with the women, it is with the blue collar men. This woman could go in to the heart of Detroit and connect with women of color; the black women and the hispanics.

Sarah Palin has what it takes.

The Times went on and stated the following:

This is Mount Clemens, in the heart of Macomb County, where the pollster Stan Greenberg first identified the phenomenon of the Reagan Democrats – the working-class, socially conservative, traditionally Democratic whites who deserted the party for Ronald Reagan in 1980. It is fair to say that this critical swing group now has a new name: Palin Democrats.

Indeed the Brits get, will the MSM media get it here? Don't count on it. They didn't get it with Reagan.

Like I said before Color Macomb County Democrats, Palin Democrats. To get a real feel for this, it is suggested you read the entire story.

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