Monday, September 08, 2008

The Price is right: Sambo Beat the Bitch

Here is a cached link to Macsmind, the site has met its quota so it's hard to get to via the normal link.

Two members of Barack of Obama’s campaign, Dick and Sharon Price, created a post today on their “LA Progressive” blog that accuses Sarah Palin of using the name “Sambo” to describe Barack Obama.

Aside from the fact that this constitutes slander, for there is absolutely no evidence - sources, etc, there is more to the story about “Dick and Sharon”. First, their blog only came into being on 10 March 2008 according to whois records.

This is about the time that several satellite Pro-Obama blogs began to appear around the internet, several of which were found to be funded by the Obama campaign. Most likely this rag is funded by the Obama campaign as well.

Secondly, according to sources they are bona-fide Democrat political operatives that are known for planting such slanderous stories about opposition candidate going back for a while now. The source called them “assassins”.

The fact that the story wasn’t designed to do anything but get the story into Google search engines tells you much of the type of characters these two are - bottom feeders and just what kind of people support Barack Obama.

UPDATE: To note how bad this lie is, the Daily Kos which linked to it earlier deleted the link.

Like I said in the following link, the Left are Bat-s**t crazy:

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