Wednesday, September 03, 2008

that's the shizzle my nizzle P Diddy on Sarah Palin

From P Diddy

“Alaska? Alaska? Alaska? Alaska. Ala–Come on, man. I don’t even know if there’s any black people in Alaska. What in the [beep]? ALASKA? you’re buggin the [beep] out. Sarah Palin, you ain’t ready to be vice president. Alaska Mother[beep]er? What is the reality in Alas–? There’s not even no crackheads in Alaska! there’s not even no black people. There’s not eve no like — crime or, uh, uh like — Foreign policies, you all may be versed on foreign — foreign policies. You all need to get versed on black policies and youth policies. We the future. John, you’re bugging the [beep] out, man.”

Yo P Diddy, Come on man no crime? Check this hijack out. Talking Points: Gangs in Anchorage

Anonymous said...
get your shit straight before you desrespect the wrong people i dont know where you get your info from but you need to correct it with a quickness

5:36 PM
Anonymous said...
If someone is being disrespected, correct with comments. As I said, it is from a briefing by Alaska Cares and the FBI.

12:48 AM
Anonymous said...
pshh I'm originally from Chicago and been living in Alaska for 16 years and there is no gangs in Alaska. Just a bunch of kids that imitate what they see on T.V and that has too much damn time on their hands. They need to find a hobby or a job because truly I am not impress with their act and wanna be status. I like to see them act like that in the streets of the lower 48's I guarantee you they wouldn't last and there would be a lot of funerals by the way they act. Alaska might call them gangs but I call them fakes. If you kill a person dosen't automatically make you a banger that makes you a murderer. Also they be part-timing the shit. True gangbangers are 24-7 not when they feel like it. Damn fakes...

1:36 AM
another anon said...
haha. this guy's hardcore.

1:50 PM
Anonymous said...
First of all yall need to get some different info cuz aint none of this shit true. And I aint heard of none of those gangs in anchorage so stop lying.And if people think they aint no real gang bangers it's just cuz you aint met no real niggas.

11:12 AM
Anonymous said...
These niggas funny! Crypts or Crips. Wanna be motha Fuckas. Quit try'n to be what you see on MTV and do your own shit. Bangin is a way of life not a style.

1:39 AM
Anonymous said...
Alaska is SOOOOO WAY FAR out there, to where they would have no idea about a true "Gang". This is just about a bunch of "KIDS" trying to make a point. GO HOME AND SHUT THE HELL UP, already. So far as you all jumping Police Officers and crap, you're parents should have beat your butts a long time ago, but they are to busy trying to "score" the hits with you to care what you are up to. "Bangin" does not happen in a place like Alaska, hell you don't know the real world, you are secluded from it. Parked on the other side of Canada, nobody in the lower 48 calls Alaska part of the United States, hell they don't even know where we are. Get over this little tot shit, and grow the hell up. One day you will wish that you never played these games, cuz your children will pay your price......

10:51 AM

Come on P Diddy read the news:

FAIRBANKS -- A variety of opinions about the prevalence of gangs in Fairbanks have surfaced among city officials following recent shootings and a gun-related school scare.

While Fairbanks Police view the activities as a wake-up call to the community, others see the crimes as having little to do with the kind of gang violence often seen in major cities. Police have asked that the community be attentive to suspicious activity and keep the police informed.

On Aug. 15, members of the Bloods and Crips gangs were involved in a shooting that stretched over a two-mile course along College Road.

Just prior to the incident, police were investigating a shooting that occurred earlier that week where shots were fired near Danby Road and at the intersection of Airport Way and the Steese Highway. According to police, the shootings involved the same groups of people.

Come on P Diddy No blacks in Alaska? You got Reefer Madness man? Here is my home boy and me playing it like George and Weasy in Alaska.

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