Friday, September 26, 2008

Troopergate Starts to Come to a Close

Troopergate is finally showing signs of collapsing in on itself.

Part of the investigation on the Palin administration was; if the administration had interfered in Trooper Wooten's workers' comp claim with the State of Alaska.

There still is the issue if the Palin administration had illegally obtained medical records of Trooper Wooten.

But with today's news about Wooten's workers' comp claim, it looks as the allegations against Palin are coming to a favorable end for Palin.

In today's Anchorage Daily News, Chancy Croft attorney for Wooten at the time of his workers' comp claim, stated that there was no evidence that Palin interfered in the claim .

Alaska's Rumor Mill

The political landscape in Alaska is very incestuous. Case in point, Chancy Croft is the father of Eric Croft who was a Democrat State Representative of my District who retired then tried to become Governor of Alaska.

Just recently in the Anchorage Daily News an article was written about the rumor that when Palin was mayor of Wasilla, she was making rape victims pay for a rape victim kit.

When Eric Croft was asked about the rumor, it was reported "he was disappointed that simply asking the Wasilla police department to stop didn't work. Croft said he doubts Palin was unaware of the practice."

No proof was offered by Eric Croft, just a "feeling" that he doubted that Palin was unaware of the practice. That is how the rumor mill operates.

So rumors about Palin are a dime a dozen since she has become the Vice Presidential Candidate and Alaska bloggers like Andrew Halcro and Sherry Whitstine have become for the most part, Gossip Bloggers that write about the rumors which in-turn become viral and mutate. Thus their claim to fame.

Because Palin is an Outsider in Alaskan politics, it was a surprise to see Chancy Croft's comments, given the background of Chancy Croft.

There could be many reasons for Chancy Croft's position. I believe that the reasons will emerge showing that indeed Hollis French was involved in starting a witch hunt against Palin.

Inspector Branchflower's Dilemma

Further in the article, Branchflower is stated to be investigating if the Palin administration had sought to put pressure on Harbour Adjustment to deny Wooten's claim.

According to Branchflower, he received a tip from a former employee of Harbour Adjustment that someone from the Palin administration had asked the former employee to deny Wooten's claim. But this information is contradicted by Wooten's own attorney Chancy Croft and Murlene Wilkes, owner of Harbor Adjustment Service.

The article points to a very biased suggestion by Branchflower when it is reported that "Branchflower told legislators that Wilkes might have had a financial motive to be 'not truthful' because of the state contract."

What Branchflower forgets is; if it is true that the Palin administration wanted Wooten's claim denied, then this "financial motive" that Branchflower suggests would have surfaced with an actual denial.

It looks as if Branchflower is indeed biased in his "feelings" on the truthfulness of Wilkes.

Last, is the phone call by Frank Bailey, who is on Palin's staff. The phone call was recorded by the Troopers and at one point Bailey is talking about the workers' comp claim and how the Trooper asked Bailey how he knew of the information.

This is the only question that really remains in the Troopergate scandal.

The medical information on Wooten could have come from many sources including Wooten. But when you have a case of possible fraud being committed by an employee of the state, investigations and the information starts falling in the hands of people doing the investigation.

The real problem here is; the information was not made public until someone who has an axe to grind, passed it onto Andrew Halcro. If there is an investigation to be had, it should be on who passed the information about the medical records to Andrew Halcro.

And last but not least, what about Sherry Whitstine? She worked as a receptionist for State Senator Lyda Green who formed a coalition with Hollis French.

As they say, politics makes strange bedfellows and given the incestuous nature of the political landscape in Alaska, Palin as an Outsider in politics, has had her work cut out for her.

Update:Is Fagan following in the footsteps of Halcro; aka the milk toast latte drinking crowd and abandoning the Walmart crowd?

And what did Ramras have to say to Fagan about the report from Branchflower being benign? According to Ramras, that is also what Senator Huggins said.

Since it is hip to post e-mail correspondences like Halcro and everyone involved in the Witch Hunt, and Fagan gets to talk about them on his show, here is a following exchange between Fagan and I.

Dan it is on record that Monegan felt the policies that are in place at this time work. You are right it is not about Wooten this is about Monegan and how he handled the situation and how troopers do internal investigations. Answer this question, is the system broke if the system keeps a Trooper that (in your words) should be fired, on the force? Yes or No.

The point being here is that Monegan did not want to change the system.

What happened with the Commissioner of Corrections Joe Schmidt? What was the unions take?



Sent: 9/21/2008 12:15:58 P.M. Alaskan Daylight Time
Subj: RE: monegan's past

With all do respect, you are not real bright. Monegan could not fire Wooten. His case was settled before Monegan was commish. The only way Monegan could fire wooten was to break the law. They're called laws Tom. They must be obeyed by people in power. THIS IS NOT ABOUT WOOTEN!!!!!

Dan Fagan
Fagan & Associates
Anchorage, Alaska 99516

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Sun 9/21/2008 12:05 PM
To: Fagan, Dan
Subject: Fwd: monegan's past

Dan she handled it poorly. But how did she break the law. If Monegan was not
doing his job with Wooten what should Palin have done? The story from the
gal that spoke to me about Wooten seems legitimate and would support your
feelings on Wooten.

What would have been the outcome if Palin went public and said "I fired
Monegan because of Monegan's handling of Trooper Wooten"? What would have

I believe that Monegan was fired for the Wooten issue and I don't like the
fact that she didn't come out with this fact. But did she break the law? I
don't believe she did.

If you agree that Wooten should have been fired, then your own feelings go
against Monegan's feelings.

If you were Governor for a day, what would you have done to make sure that a
Trooper that you say should have been fired, was fired?

Here are some photos of Sarah in Florida.




Sent: 9/21/2008 11:22:02 A.M. Alaskan Daylight Time
Subj: RE: monegan's past


I have said over and over on the air Wooten should be fired. But that still
doesn't give the governor license to break the law and then lie and cover it

Dan Fagan
Fagan & Associates
Anchorage, Alaska 99516

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Sun 9/21/2008 10:31 AM
To: Fagan, Dan
Subject: monegan's past


I read the thread again and made some changes so that it is more clear
about whose (Monegan's) past. I will tell you this and that is one woman who
worked at the Job Corp in the valley had told me that Wooten had come to
where she worked and harassed the workers and she stated that Molly was abused.

This woman has no relationship to the family, is not politically involved
and now lives in Anchorage.


According to Dan Fagan he feels that Trooper Wooten should have been fired. End of story Dan, you are right, it is about not being too bright. And Dan you never answered yes or no on the question.

But as I said before, you have a good heart.

UPDATE: Correction

I stand corrected to an earlier post. It was Ms. Frye who worked as a receptionist for Lyda Green. The following was written to me by Sherry Whitstine.

In a message dated 9/30/2008 9:53:09 A.M. Alaskan Daylight Time, writes:

Sep 26, 2008 ... And last but not least, what about Sherry Whitstine? She worked as a receptionist for State Senator Lyda Green

You are INCORRECT Mr. Lamb! Perhaps as a 'toe the line' Republican hack you have to lie about facts and ignore how totally incompetent in word and deed Sarah really is. I DO NOT LIE or will I perpetuate a fraud to my nation, which is Sarah Palin!

Sherry Whitstine

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January 29, 2008 - 1:21pm | Lysander_Spooner

You know, Syrin ...

... you really ought to limit your blogging from your Capitol computer, on state time, to more substantive posts than this. How would it look if you got busted?

1 comment:

Mike said...

Hey. Lookee here. In every single instance regarding the 'wooten' complaints by the Palins and the Palin Cult People.....the complaints were reported to the authorities sometimes years after the deeds......well AFTER the fact.

That is all the evidence you need to know Palins were out to get wooten. Vengeance is very very ugly. And that is what this is all about.

FACT: The family court judge adjudicating the court divorce case told the Palins straight out and under no uncertain terms to back off the vendetta. The vendetta was clear even to the family court judge back in 2005.

Smart people would have heeded that warning.

Good honest law abiding citizens people would have reported any miss-deed by ANY trooper regardless of family affiliation in real time....not wait until the family was coming apart AND THEN start 'complaining' and seeking blood.

The jonny come lately attitude of the Palins and the Palin Cult People in respect to Wooten was and IS a vendetta.

Palin is guilty. Monegan is not.

What happened with in the investigation and the consequences for wooten WAS considered in light of the fact that the Palins did not care enough about their own integrity to report wootens transgressions until the divorce got put on the table.

Get over it. She is guilty. She needs to go.

Drill down to the beginning. And keep drilling back down to the begging every time the subject comes up. Then even the Palin Cult People will see the truth.