Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Witch Hunt of Sarah Palin via Troopergate

The Troopergate issue takes another turn. Governor Palin retains a private attorney.

The letter to Legislative investigator Stephen Branchflower, August 29, 2008.

Democrat State Senator Hollis French's letter to Governor Palin's attorney Thomas V. Van Flein. September 1, 2008.

In the letter Senator Hollis French on the very first line states that he is receipt of the letter dated August 29, sent to Stephen Branchflower on August 30, 2008. French states that he never received any notice from the Department of Law that the governor was retaining private counsel.

It is a moot point. French was made aware of it and had known about it by his letter.
The reason that Governor Palin is seeking counsel is the Attorney General for the State of Alaska is considered a possible witness for the Legislative investigation. So there is a possible conflict of interest.

Because Colberg has acknowledged contacting Monegan about Wooten, he's a
potential witness, Van Flein said Monday. So an outside law firm needed to be
brought in to represent the governor's office, he said.

Hollis French states:
Your letter also requests a copy of all witness statements that Mr. Branchflower has secured. I have instructed him to not comply with that request. I think you will agree that it would be highly unusual for an insvestigator to share information with one of the targets of the investigation. I am unaware of any precedent for such an arrangement. Furthemore, the Attorney General is conducting his own inquiry into this matter on behalf of the Governor. As the Governor's lawyer, I feel sure that you will have access to information developed through General Colberg's efforts."
Senator Hollis French is playing in the big league now and due process is the operative here.
There is more to come.

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