Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Celtic Diva joins the fray and Daily Kos bites

Andrew Halcro, has now joined the ranks of the absurd by calling out to Alaska blogger Celtic Diva's first hand account that McCain's men in black are here in Alaska vetting Sarah Palin.

Going straight to the source: http://divasblueoasis.blogspot.com/2008/09/mchugh-pierre-tells-retired-us-army.html

Bachmeier goes to the Republican Party office as often as she visits the Alaska Democrats. She also attended the conventions of both parties. She is a registered "non-partisan" and maintains her neutrality in all-things-political because of her roll as an advocate for woman veterans who have experienced Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and the debilitating Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is the result in most cases. As an MST survivor herself, her avocation is helping others like her by starting the 501-C3 "Women Serving Women Veterans" and the "Alaska Military Veterans PAC"--the only Federally recognized veterans Political Action Ccommittee in Alaska.

Well let's see if that is a true statement about Bachmeier. "she maintains her neutraility in all-things political"

From our Fairbanks newspaper: http://www.newsminer.com/weblogs/election-2008/2008/jun/17/vets-for-ethan/

Today, a group of Veterans from across Alaska declared their support for Ethan Berkowitz. Among the many Veterans endorsing Ethan’s campaign for Congress are: Barbara Bachmeier, Bill Bartee, Dave Carlson, Bruce Gazaway, Roger Marcil and Tim Wheeler of Anchorage, Michael Cull of Palmer, Bill Gossweiler of Eagle River, Kim Elton of Juneau, Joelle Hall of Chugiak, and Charlie Hubbard of Sterling.

Oops it seems Celtic Diva is guilty of what she alleges McCain's men in black of doing. ( i.e Not vetting Sarah Palin but we who know, know better than to believe B.S. ) Bachmeier doesn't look like she is maintaining her neutrality in all things political, does it. She supports Democrat Congressional Candidate for Alaska, Ethan Berkowtiz.

In today's news, A.P. reported on Culvahouse being here months back vetting Palin. The link to the A.P. story is below.


Well the story doesn't end here. Guess who has picked up on the faux story......


Need I say more?


Joe C. said...

Hey Tom,

I found your blog thru rightyblogs.com and have been very impressed. Expect an increase in referral traffic.
What's the story about this AIP and Palin?

Tom said...

Joe, it's a non-issue. Wally Hickel ran as an AIP candidate for Governor and won.

I will be writing about it.

Joe C. said...

Thanx. You're our new "source" in AK.

Anonymous said...

There isn't much to say about a fat, unhappy hag is there?