Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Damaging Document to the Army?

I will be explaining more on this developing story and I should have the story together by the weekend but here is a document that was released in a lawsuit brought against the Army.

The document came from an AR-15 file and investigation on an EEO complaint. According to Robin Boerner the Army was withholding documents from the defendant in this case. Also there is the question if the U.S. attorney handling the case was withholding information from the court on if John Mitchell had filed a EEO complaint.

Robin Boerner had stated that the U.S. Attorney had filed briefs to the court that stated that there was never an EEO filed. But according to the document below, in 2005, the Army received a FOIA request but it was denied.

As previous documents show, John Mitchell asked Senator John McCain's office for help in obtaining documents. According to Robin Boerner, Senator' McCain's letters were instrumental in getting the Army to release the documents through a FOIA request.

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