Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sworn statements made by the Army

More documents in the federal lawsuit in Alaska show that there was a contradiction of statements submitted by Army personnel.

First a copy of a sworn statement made by Sandra Martinez made on July 07, 2005. In her sworn testimony she states that "Mr Mitchell initiated an informal complaint of discrimination in late FY03/early FY04."

She states further that "EEO Counselor Gaylene Ellis was assigned to his case and conducted an informal inquiry" and that the complaint was not resolved.

This document was part of an AR 15-6 Inspector General investigation. This document was kept from John Mitchell and according to Robin Boerner, it was through the help of Senator McCain's efforts that these very important documents were released.

On February 27th, 2006, Mae Marsh affied that there was no record of receiving an alleged January 2005 informal complaint of age, disability, or retaliation discrimination. It seems Mae Marsh did not disclose to the court that there indeed was, as was stated by Ms Martinez's statements, an informal complaint being filed and an EEO counselor assigned to the case.

Moreover, it is alleged by Robin Boerner that John Mitchell did submit an EEO complaint on January 5th, 2005. I have a copy of the e-mail by John Mitchell, I am waiting on a copy of an e-mail to a response to the EEO complaint via e-mail that was CC'd to another individual.

This case may also show that e-mails accounts were "scrubbed" of John Mitchell's January 5th, 2005 e-mail that referenced a complaint.

Stay tuned there is more.....

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