Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Contradiction in Statements: Wanita Pressley's comments to Sandra Martinez's comments

As stated previously, there is a question if John Mitchell had filed an EEO complaint in January 0f 2005. The importance of this is; the Army had asked for a dismissal of the lawsuit based on the argument that John Mitchell had not exhausted all of his options.

The following e-mail was in the AR 15-6 that was obtained through the help of Senator McCain's office. The e-mail is on January 8, 2005 and was written by Wanita Pressley and sent to Sandra Martinez.

In the e-mail, Wanita Pressley told Sandra Martinez that John Mitchell sent a complaint to Don Pressley. The complaint was based on multiple issues that included age, disability and veterans discrimination.

On January 7th, 2005, Don Pressley had received by certified mail, the complaint that outlined the grievances in the complaint. The number of the certified receipt is 7003 2260 002 6885 2656 and was signed by Kirkland Elging (sp?). Part of the complaint was the following letter sent to Don Pressley.

So the question goes back to Sandra Martinez's statement and Mae Marsh's statements that John Mitchell had never filed a complaint. I have more documents that show a General for the Army had responded to the CC'd copy that was sent to the General. This would be a clear signal that John Mitchell had sent an e-mail to Sandra Martinez.

There is now a serious question if the U.S. Attorney knew of this information when the arguments to the contrary that John Mitchell had submitted a complaint.

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