Monday, October 20, 2008

Scientific polls: Who needs them when you have jelly beans and Halloween

McCain Ahead In The Jelly Bean Po

Some sweet news for Republican presidential candidate John McCain's campaign, so far he's winning the national jelly bean vote. "Fork Over Your Vote" is a national project where people can choose who they think should be the next president by tossing a jelly bean into a jar.

Out of the 200,000 bean counters across this nation that have cast their jelly beans, 51% have voted for McCain 47% for Obama. Just for fun, the poll correctly picked the winner in the 2004 election when it had Kerry winning.

And more good news and fun facts.

An update to the previous link.

Sarah Palin Halloween Costume

THE Hottest costume of 2008!

Well, y’know, at, we’re doin’ costumes up Wasilla Main Street-style, here! That’s right; the costume of the year is GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Ms. Sarah Palin! It’s the American way, all-mavericky, and what not. Sarah Palin; Supercandidate. She’s the bestest Team-Maverick-Washington-Outsider-Hunter-Hockey-Mom-Former-Miss-Alaska-Pittbull-With-Lipstick there is, gall darnit! Who WOULDN’T want to be her? Not only that, but with all those various facets, you can pick which one you want to be! You can just switch it up so many different ways. Like for example, she could have the angel wings, or the devil horns—or both (that way, you’re stirrin’ up the controversy)! She could be carryin’ all the different types of newspapers that she loves to read, like The New York Times...

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