Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have decided to title the threads on the John Mitchell case: Armygate

It now seems that there was an effort to conceal efforts made by John Mitchell to file an EEO complaint to Sandra Martinez.

Keep in mind, Sandra Martinez is an Inspector General investigation, stated under sworn testimony that she never received an EEO complaint from John Mitchell.

However as previously shown, Wantia Pressley had sent an e-mail to Sandra Martinez that John Mitchell had sent a complaint to Don Pressley in January 2005. On the copy of the e-mail, there is a hand written note that acknowledges that the complaint was received by certified registered receipt.

As previously shown, the date of the e-mail from Wanita Pressley to Sandra Martinez was sent on January 08, 2005. This e-mail was in the AR 15-6 and according to Robin Boerner, this e-mail was withheld from John Mitchell's attorney and the court by the U.S. Attorney heading up this case.

It was through the help of John McCain's office, that John Mitchell was able to get the e-mail.

This is an important fact because in an e-mail from Clifton Tillmon to Col. Shutt on July 14, 2005, in reference to Sandra Martinez's e-mail account, it is stated that "For the record, there are no e-mail messages prior to 8 Feb 05 contained in her "inbox" and the "Sent items" folder which had no history of outgoing messages from 29 Oct 04 - 31 Jan 05"

It seems that there was a "scrubbing" of Sandra Martinez's account. Stay tuned more coming..

Update: I have another document that was mailed to John Mitchell by Wanita Pressely. The date of the the letter is March 21, 2005 and is in direct contradiction to her e-mail sent to Sandra Martinez on January 8 ,2005.

In the e-mail sent to Sandra Martinez, Wanita Pressley states that she recognizes that John Mitchell sent a complaint to Don Pressley and on the e-mail in handwritten notes, she verifies that the complaint was sent certified registered mail to Don Pressley.

Now in her official letter to John Mitchell, she states "This office, specifically Ms. Sandra Martinez, did not recieve an informal EEO pre-complaint from you electronically or otherwise on January 17, 2005 or during this fiscal year."

It is clear from the documents, that sworn statments have been made to a federal court that are contradicted by facts.

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