Thursday, October 09, 2008

Todd Palin answers

Inspector Branchflower's questions sent to Todd were answered.

The overall gist is Todd thought Wooten was a bad trooper, but what is pointed in this article is there was an "incident" that was reported to a "soon-to-be-retiring legislator.

There is an interesting part to this story.

On the car seat, Monegan sent an e-mail to the governor on June 30, 12 days before he lost his job, that said: "Via a soon-to-be-retiring legislator, we received a complaint that had you driving with Trig not in an approved car seat; if this is so that would be awkward in many ways."

The incident that the "soon-to-be-retiring legislator" was referring to is when Sarah was riding as a passenger in a vehicle on-site of a prison and was holding her son Trig.

Could that "soon-to-be-retiring legislator" be Senator Lyda Green?

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