Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Wasilla Project: The raping of the truth

Some Outsiders have come to show the world the truth about Sarah Palin by developing a website called the wasilla project.

A guy named Erik Johnson from Madera, LLC and Paul Lundahl decided to develop the project and make a video about allegations that Sarah Palin had required rape victims pay for a rape victim kit.

From Erik's Bio:

Erik is a Multi-Media Producer of video, interactive technologies, website design, and integrated communications. Erik has managed a range of ventures from producing documentaries to implementing online strategies for Fortune 500 companies and international non-profit organizations. Erik has produced and managed multi-media projects for companies including: Adobe, Canon, Sony Computer Entertainment, Palm and Japan Airlines, and public institutions such as the UCSF Children's Hospital and the Port of Oakland. In the nonprofit arena, he has worked with International Rivers, Global Security Institute, Rainforest Action Network, and New Standards. Erik spent his early career as an environmental organizer and was the National Campaign Director for Greenpeace. He graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Environmental Science.

letter from Erik Johnson

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago I shared and idea I had with my old friend and colleague Paul Lundahl. "Wasilla is only about 45 minutes north of Anchorage Paul," I said. "We could do a video production there over a weekend and capture a deeper understanding of Palin and educate voters about her record". We quickly put together a team of highly respected Bay Area producers, camera operators, editors and musicians and the Wasilla Project began.

The goal of the project is to produce a series of short video portraits of Sarah Palin and her hometown that could be a valuable addition to the national debate and the mainstream media news coverage. A secondary goal is to produce videos that can speak to issues that touch undecided voters on main street.

We determined before we arrived in Alaska that we were going to interview both republicans and democrats -- what mattered most to us was getting to people who knew her and had knowledge about her policies and beliefs first hand.

Our team has just completed out first video that focuses on victims of sexual assault that have to pay for the gathering of forensic evidence for their criminal case. Although this story has received national media attention we wanted to interview people involved in the issue to speaking directly on camera and make their interviews available online.

Please view the video now

You can also watch the video on our website:

We still have not covered all of travel costs so we welcome donations of any amount, we have setup a link to a Paypal on the website to capture your support:

Thank you for your interest and support and stay tuned!

Please forward this!


Erik Johnson
Executive Producer
Madera Group, LLC
Phone: 415-531-6002

When websites like this are developed, questions have to be asked of who are the individuals and what is their agenda.

Erik Johnson is from the Madera Group which has advertised for the Clinton Global Initiative, an initiative that McCain has attended.

Erik Johnson has also done work for the Rainforest Action Network who has individuals like SDSer's Joshua Kahn Russell

The video is based solely on innuendo.

Moreover, the players in the video go from Eric Croft who ran unsuccessfully for Governor to Dr. Colleen Murphy who was part of a controversy in medical care to women.

It must be noted that Dr. Colleen Murphy donated to Hillary Clinton's campaign which should come as no surprise.

Dr. Colleen Murphy has also had her own problems when it came to giving medical care.

Murphy has been suspended from delivering babies at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage for the past three years. The restriction followed a review of 10 deliveries she performed at the hospital in 2004. A hospital committee concluded she failed to meet the minimum standard of care in five cases.

It is unfortunate that the truth is being raped by those who espouse women's rights.


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