Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Perfect Storm Brewing in Illinois; Herricane Palin on the Horizon

If there is a special election that comes about from the corruption scandal with Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, a visit by Governor Palin maybe in order.

Like any political storm, elements of corruption have to be in the mix of elements.

In New Orleans, we saw the fall of Rep. Jefferson and an Asian Republican get elected. In this case, the competition would not be against an incumbent who was indicted, but instead, it would be for an empty seat held by president elect Barack Obama.

How the corruption element is mixed in is; Barack is deeply rooted politically with Blagojevich, thus Obama's involvement would be politically risky with him entering the endorsement arena. And any players that fell within 10,000 yards of the microphone used in Blagojevich's indictment, will be wondering, "what did I say".

It is plausible that a political perfect storm is brewing and the Republicans may have an opportunity to win that Senate seat.

It will take an Afro-American or possibly Hispanic Republican to win it. And a visit made by the corruption buster, Sarah Palin.

Canadian Gas my Ass: The Alaska-Chicago Connection

Along with the fact that Sarah Palin fought corruption within the Republican party, if she gets a natural gas pipeline going, guess where it eventually winds up ending? Chicago.

And what has been the mantra about jobs and energy independence? The folks at the New York Times couldn't have said it any better.

Without a natural gas pipeline, the United States will increasingly depend on imports of natural gas in liquefied form, a source that is costly and potentially vulnerable to political instability in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Greater demand is already pushing prices higher, and adding to pressure to open deeper waters off the country’s coast for exploration.

It is time for team Palin to start playing the part of economic/energy guru and bring the two pipeline projects in Alaska together, revisit the tax structure and legislation tied with the acronym ACES and get the mojo going.

Because if there is a special election happening, there is a perfect storm brewing and its name is Herricane Palin.

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